16 year old Violet just moved to the states from Austrailia. She was considered the "emo girl" at her other school just because she wore mostly black and she listened to bands that some people called satan worshiping bands. She never really had "crushes" on people or ever been in love, until she meets a boy named Gerard. Will Violet fall for Gerard or will she continue on her love free life.


3. The City

It was time to go to lunch, which means it was time to meet Gerard. I got in the nacho line, I got my food and tried to find Mikey. I looked for about 5 minutes until I saw Mikey raise his hand and motioned me to go to his table. I sat beside Mikey and across from Gerard. "So Violet, this Gerard. Gerard, this is Violet." Gerard moved his black hair out of his eyes and held out his hand for me to shake. "Hi Violet. It's nice to meet you. Mikey just won't shut up about you." Mikey kicked Gerard from across the table. Mikey scooted closer to me and took one of my nachos. "Hey! Mikey! I'm starving!" Gerard giggled. I noticed that Gerard had a notebook with him. It didn't seem like it was used for classes. "Hey Gerard. What's in that notebook?" I asked. He hid the notebook quickly. "Oh you know, just notes......" His voice trailed off. A few minutes later Mikey started talking about how cool it was that I was from Austriailia. Then Mikey started talking about how I really wanted to meet Gerard. It was so embaressing. Gerard probably thought I was some creepy stalker chick. The thing was that Gerard said he wanted to meet me really bad too. I couldn't help but blush. The bell rang to go to study hall. 


I went to study hall with Mikey and me and him started to study for the Algebra 2 test tomorrow. Suddenly Gerard walked in and sat down next to me. "Gerard what are you doing here?" Mikey asked. Gerard scooted closer to me. "I got my classes changed to where I have study hall with you guys." Mikey looked confused. "Why? You never were interested in changing your classes to talk to me." I worked some algebra problems on my paper while Mikey and Gerard chatted. 10 minutes went by and Gerard spoke up and asked if me and Mikey wanted to go to "the city" with him to hang out after school. Of course I said yes. It beats staying at the house waiting for parents to come home. After study hall I had music class, then I had English. I left school with Mikey of course. We met Gerard at the mall. We went inside and the first store we went to was Hot Topic. I wanted to get some new records for my record player. I had tons of records, but I didn't have Green Day's Dookie. I searched for it and finally found it. I searched around the store and bought some band shirts and some black hair dye because I was getting tired of this blue I've had for ages. I went up to the cashier and paid for my stuff and then Mikey wanted to go to Journey's. He bought some new shoes for himself and Gerard. After a while we got tired of the mall so we went to an outside shopping outlet. When we got there I saw Gerard whisper something into Mikey's ear. "So, anybody hungry?" Mikey asked. "I am!" Gerard and I said together. We got something to eat, after that Gerard went to the bathroom. I thought this was the perfect time to ask Mikey what Gerard whispered in his ear. "Hey Mikey. I saw Gerard whisper something in your ear. You wanna tell me what he said?" Mikey smiled. "I don't think you wanna know yet." I was confused. What did he mean by yet? "Does it involve me?" Mikey smiled again and said "Maybe." Gerad came back and we hit some shops and we went to a tattoo shop that happened to be in the outlet. In the tattoo shop they had peircings. I've always wanted to get snake bites. So guess what I got? Yeah, I don't know how my mom is going to feel about that, but i paid for it myself. It was time to go home. Mikey didn't take me home, he thought Gerard should take me home. I thought that was a little weird, but I was totally fine with it.


The way home with Gerard wasn't awkward at all. We talked about music and school. I told him about Austrailia and how I was bullied for who I am. "It's going to be ok. You aren't the only one in this car who gets bullied for being who you are." He was incredidbly sweet. I have to admit I have a crush on him now, but he must never know because I'm afraid he won't like me back. We got to my house. He got out of the car and opened my door for me. He walked me up to my door. It felt like a date, but that's never gonna happen. "I had a nice time with you today Violet. We should do this again." I agreed. Right before I opened the door to my house he hugged me goodbye and got into his car and left. When he hugged me it felt like this warmth that I've never felt before. I wanted to hug him all night if he let me. He smelled so good. He hair brushed across my face. He was gorgeous. But he's only a crush nothing more than a crush I hope.

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