16 year old Violet just moved to the states from Austrailia. She was considered the "emo girl" at her other school just because she wore mostly black and she listened to bands that some people called satan worshiping bands. She never really had "crushes" on people or ever been in love, until she meets a boy named Gerard. Will Violet fall for Gerard or will she continue on her love free life.


2. His Brother

I woke up I did my normal morning routine. I put a Doctor Who shirt with just a pair of denim skinny jeans with black Converse knee highs. I wore my hair straight with a black beanie. I walked to the kitchen and of course my parents weren't there. So I ate breakfeast and went outside. On my way to the bus stop I saw Mikey's car parked outside my house. He stepped out the car and walked towards me. "Mikey? What are you doing here?" "I'm here to take you school. If that's ok. The bus can be awful sometimes." I didnt want to to tell him no because he drove all the way to my house and I didn't want him to do that for nothing. I followed him to his car and got in the passenger's seat. As we drove to school I looked at all of Mikey's albums. He had an amazing taste in music. He had Bring Me the Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens, Peirce the Veil, and Green Day. I'm glad I made friends like him. He's someone that gets me. He dressed in all black and he's wearing a cute beanie. I've known him for one day, but it feels like I've known him forever. We got to school at about 7:40, so I went to my locker. I got my Algebra 2 book and but my bag in my locker. When I left my locker I went to the bathroom to check my hair, but on the way there I saw Mikey talking to a guy who looked like he was in the 12th grade. He was quite handsome with short black hair that was just below his ears. I wanted to know this guy.


I got to my Algebra 2 class and sat next to Mikey. I didn't even bother to ask him about the guy he was talking to. "Hey Mikey? Did you do your homework last night because I didn't so could I borrow yours?" Mikey took out his homework and handed it to me. "Thanks." I smiled. "Anything for a friend." When Algebra 2 ended I went to my locker to get my world history book. On my way to history I saw Mikey talking to that same guy again. Oh, God, he's so handsome. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to find out who he was. I walked over to Mikey, but when I got there the guy left. "Umm hi Mikey." "Hi Violet. What's up?" I looked behind myself to see if that guy was in sight. "Nothing. Who was that guy? Your always taking to him." "That's my brother, Gerard. He's in the 12th grade. Remember yesterday when I told you to sit with me and my brother at lunch. Well that's him." "Oh. Thanks for telling me. I thought I was going to die without knowing." Oh, man! Mikey going to think I'm in love with his brother now. "Maybe I should tell him that you really wanted to know him. Haha." Mikey said. "No Mikey! Please don't do that! I just wanted to know who he was!" Mikey laughed harder. "It's ok. Your secret crush with remain within my lips." "Mikey! I don't have a crush on him, I just found his slightly attractive. Just slightly." Crap! Why would I tell him that?! "Violet just admit it, you like Gerard." I blushed. "I don't even know who he is!" The bell rang. "Well at lunch I can introdouce you two. Maybe something can happen between you guys. Bye." He hugged me, then left to go to his next class. 

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