Sex is the game, pleasure is the aim +16

Harry and Isabella have had a no strings attached relationship going for about three months now. Everybody but Harry and Bella think that they are a genuine couple including the fans and the boys. Bella is a feisty girl that knows how to push Harrys buttons, and Harry still falls for her little mind games. Harry and Bella both don't want to be tied down are are only after a little bit of fun. But is fun what they will be getting after some occurrences start to appear one after another?


2. Chapter Two

The cameras repeatedly flashed from all angles. Filming and recording live to the nation. This was my third red carpet event I had been to and I have already learned the tricks of the trade; stand with one hand on your hip and one hand on your date, smile or pout, turn slightly from left to right and bam. You have a perfect picture. 


Harry's hand was gripping onto my hip bone while I had mine a bit more lower down. As he was talking to the cameras about the film he was promoting, his eyes kept sneaking peeks at me with a mischievous, lop sided grin which hasn't left his lips so far.


 He had already been talking for over ten minutes to one station and I decided to hurry him along.



I put on my most innocent of voices.

"Darling, I think we should hurry along now. I think something might be waiting for you"

I dug my nails into the side of his waist, earning a pained look from him. I showed my pearly whites at Harry, and then to the cameras.

"Yes, she's right. I have to go, goodbye"

His pained voice spoke up as he waved them off and started walking to the next set of cameras which was a few feet away. His hand squeezed my side, his face not even looking at me. I slightly moaned in pain, and also pleasure. He spoke through his teeth to me still while smiling and waving to the fans we were passing.

"I told you to be a good girl, Bella"

I moved my hand ever so slightly lower to his firm derriere and puckered my lips up to his ear.

"And I told you im not good at keeping secrets"

I pulled out the sentence in my most sophisticated and seductive voice. I know it always sends shivers down his spine. My teeth lightly gripped his ear lobe and dragged it back down, a moan escaping his lips. He was so easy to turn on.

"Do you know what im going to do to you when we get back?"

He found it hard to contain his feelings as an appearance in his trousers made a scene.

"Looks like somebody wants to be played with"

He tried to discretely push it back down, looking around him and pretending to pull his trousers down.

"For fuck sake Bella. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen"

I stiffled a giggle, and rubbed my bum against his leg.

"And it's exactly what I wanted to happen"

He looked at me with fire in his eyes. I found it amusing that he has to go another 20 minutes before he can sort it out. Must feel like it's about to explode at the end of that amount of time.

"When we get home I am-"

I stopped him by putting a finger on his lips.

"Who said we're going to wait that long?"

I winked at him and sped my walking up considering we have been stalling for two minutes already.


"Thank you Mr Styles, and Miss Johnson for your time"

The last reporter thanked us.


"No, thank you. It was a pleasure"


I smiled at him, considering all I did was smile and nod.

"C'mon' Harry"

I pulled him along. He had seemed less talkative since his little friend popped up and I had to take him from one set to another.


He managed to say that before I dragged him into the cinema to watch the movie. 


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