Sex is the game, pleasure is the aim +16

Harry and Isabella have had a no strings attached relationship going for about three months now. Everybody but Harry and Bella think that they are a genuine couple including the fans and the boys. Bella is a feisty girl that knows how to push Harrys buttons, and Harry still falls for her little mind games. Harry and Bella both don't want to be tied down are are only after a little bit of fun. But is fun what they will be getting after some occurrences start to appear one after another?


1. Chapter One

"Let's just get this over and done with"

A musky laugh escaped his lips at my snide comment. He snaked his right arm around my back and placed it on my hip and ran his left hand through his hair sprayed curls which I've learned that he does this when he's nervous, angry, or 'in the mood'. His head dipped and his lips made contact with my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"Promise me you'll be a good girl"

His eyes closed as he buried his nose behind my ear, inhaling my usual scent from my favourite perfume - Gucci Rush. I pulled away from his grip and pushed my breasts against his chest as subtly as I could, trying not to attract the attention of the people working frantically around us. I made sure he was able to see my bright red lips whisper the words back to him.

"I promise"

A flash smirk played on his lips as his eyes wondered freely down my body. The tight red ankle length dress hugged my curves perfectly, which I knew drove him round the bend. My long red hair was in a tight running fishtail from the left side of my head to my right shoulder, and my brown eyes heavily smoked for the mysterious effect. I knew I was driving him crazy right now, and I plan to keep it going on the red carpet. I was going to milk this for all it was worth.

"Everybody, get ready for five! Remember cameras are live so no language, and no inappropriate actions"

The small Filipino man signaled the time until we go onto the carpet and swiftly left, his eyes not leaving the black clipboard and pulling the little microphone over his head again.

As soon as he left, Harrys hungry eyes were back on me with his bottom lip clamped firmly between his teeth. His minty breath fogged over me as he loomed over me. His green gaze held my brown eyes captive as his pupils dilated and then grew again. 

"Do you know what you are doing to me right now?"

The backs of his fingers traced my jaw line, and made its way behind my ear, stroking gently on the one spot. A slight moan escaped my lips and bounced from the close proximity between us. 

"Curtains up!"

The Filipino man returned and announced that they were ready for us. My heart jumped and Harrys hand took place on my hip again. 

The boys were in the lead with their girlfriends, me and Harry at the back. I took the first step forward with my arm snaked around Harrys waist and tilted my head up towards his ear.

"You know..I'm not that good at keeping promises.."


Hey! Please tell me what you think, not sure whether to carry this one on or not :/ thankyouu ~Katie <3


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