Mr. J

Dr. Harleen Quinzel had a promising career... She started working at Arkham Asylum. She would have had a long successful career if only Patient J hadn't been her first patient to treat.

Characters modeled by:

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Batman The Dark Knight
Joker: The Dark Knight
Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel: Modeled by multiple video games and the animated series


1. Patient Interview Prep

(Harleen's POV)

I slid the white coat onto my shoulders and grabbed my clip board with the open file on it. I looked down and felt the nervous feeling in my stomach again as I read through my first ever Patient's file.


Name: Unknown

Alias: The Joker

Patient Number: 5574

Cell Number: 0357

Occupation: Gotham City

Date of Birth (D.O.B): Unknown


Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Green

Patient suffers from scars coming from the corners of his mouth tilting up into a smile formation. Unknown weather they were self-inflicted or he was attacked. Patient also wears make-up.

Height: 6'2inches

WARNING: Do NOT under any circumstances approach this patient without the safety of guards and/or protective arms. (Shoot to kill permissions granted.) Beware patient is much stronger than he appears. He Professionalizes in using knives and guns. Easily set off when the mention of the Batman. Keep your distance.'

I closed the file not wanting to read anymore. I sighed and fixed the neat bun on the back of my head I pushed my glasses up when I heard a knock on my door followed by it opening

"Doctor Quinzel? Your patient is ready for his interview. Your security is prepared to take you down." A nurse says I nodded

"Thank you I'll be out in a moment." I said she closed my door I sighed once more looking over at the degree hanging on my wall I fixed my jacket

"Come on Harley.. You can do this." I said I grabbed my clipboard and his file and walked out meeting my security.



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