Mr. J

Dr. Harleen Quinzel had a promising career... She started working at Arkham Asylum. She would have had a long successful career if only Patient J hadn't been her first patient to treat.

Characters modeled by:

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Batman The Dark Knight
Joker: The Dark Knight
Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel: Modeled by multiple video games and the animated series


4. Harley?

-Harleen's POV-

I walked down the hall my heels echoing off the white brick walls.

I greeted the security guards at the door this would be my 3rd interview with Joker aka Mr. J.

I walked through the door and sat across from him

"Morning Doc." He says his head down

"Good morning Mr. J" I said

"What's so good about it?" He asked I didn't know how to reply I pressed the red button and looked over at him

"Patient Interview number 3, Doctor Quinzel over seeing Patient 5574 alias "The Joker"." I said he still hasn't looked up at me yet

"How'd you sleep last night?" I asked

"Horribly." He said dragging out the word

"Why? Bad dream or..?" I asked

"Because it's hard to sleep when you're getting beaten." He said looking up  I noticed his swelled eye and swollen lip

"Oh my gosh! Who did that to you?" I asked

"Let's just say some security guards don't like a joke as much as you do." He said

"How many?" I asked

"4" He said

"4 against one?" I asked

"Fair.. Isn't it?" He asked

"No, That's cruel.. Do you remember what they looked like? Any features?" I asked

"There was one who really got the hits in I remember him.." He said he licked his lips quickly

"What did he look like?" I asked

"Short hair.. pretty big guy.. His sleeves were rolled up exposing a large dragon tattoo." my heart sunk

"I'm guessing from the look of your face you know him?" He asked I nodded

"I think I might.. Can I pause this interview? Do you mind continuing later?" I asked

"I've got all the time in the world Harley." He said

"Harley?" I asked

"Just send for me when you need me." He said


I sat down at my desk and took out my phone and called Kyle.

"Hello?" He answered

"My office now." I said and hung up.

Moments later Kyle rushed into my office out of breath

"Have a seat" I said gesturing to the chair in front of my desk that I was leaning on the front of my arms crossed across my chest

"Harley I'm pretty busy I've got some-" I cut him off

"Sit!" I said sternly he nodded sliding into the chair I just glared at him.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked

"Why did you do it?" I asked

"Do what?"

"Don't play dumb with me Kyle." I said

"What are you talking about?" He asked

"Why did you go into the Joker's cell and beat him up?" I asked

"I didn't" He said

"Take off your gloves." I said nodding towards his black gloves

"C'mon Harley, Is this necessary?" He asked

"Tale off your gloves Kyle." I said he sighed and took off his gloves exposing bruised knuckles I slapped him. He looked up at me

"What the hell?" He asked

"Why did you hit him?" I asked

"Why do you care? He's a murderer!" Kyle says

"He's also a human being! 4 to 1? Really Kyle? You should be ashamed of yourself!" I said

"No.. Harleen you should be ashamed of yourself... You're siding with a murderous psychopath." He said

"Better than siding with someone like you." I said He sighed and got up making a hasty exit.

"That's what I thought."


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