Mr. J

Dr. Harleen Quinzel had a promising career... She started working at Arkham Asylum. She would have had a long successful career if only Patient J hadn't been her first patient to treat.

Characters modeled by:

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Batman The Dark Knight
Joker: The Dark Knight
Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel: Modeled by multiple video games and the animated series


3. 5574

A/N: Some of these lines are from Batman TAS and some are from other things. I tried to involve as much of my own stuff as I could but I liked the "Mad Love" story and I tried to write my own but that got lost when my internet crashed. I'm going to try and re-create my chapter but I really don't think it will be half as good. :( Sorry! But I tried in this one! Thanks for reading!

(Harleen's POV)

I stepped out of my office holding my clipboard to my chest. The security guards took me down, I took a deep breath as we reached the door.. Just through this door is one of the most dangerous men in the country.

"Are you alright Doctor?" I nodded

"Just fine." I said

'Harleen!" I turned and my glum look was wiped from my face when I saw my good friend and head of security here at Arkham Asylum, Kyle.

"Kyle!" I said he hugged me

"So.. Who's your first patient?" He asked

"You won't believe who I got" I said

"Who?" He asked

"Patient 5574"

"They gave you Poison Ivy?" He asked I shook my head

"No! They gave me the Joker." I said he stopped smiling

"Harley, Do you know what he could do to you?" He asked I nodded

"I like the challenge. I want to do this Kyle. I have a chance to do something with my life prove something... If I cure the Joker.. Just imagine how proud my parents would be.. How much fame I would gain the respect." I said

"Harley, this is your life you're risking." He said

"Oh relax Kyle it's not like he's going to reach across the table and slit my throat.. He's cuffed." I said

"Just be careful okay?" He says I nodded

"I always am." I said I walked back to the door and nodded to the security man. He buzzed the door open. I stepped in

"Come to take another trip down memory lane Doctor Strange?" I felt my rapid heart beat return

His head was down his green hair concealed his make-up covered face. His hands were in his lap the orange jumpsuit reflecting off his white face. The numbers 5574 on his heart in bold black font. I cleared my throat.

"Actually, Doctor Strange won't continue to be your doctor." I said I walked over and saw the camera the security guards had talked about on the way down I was to videotape my sessions with Joker for their studies on him.

I sat down across from him, his slowly brought his head up to look at me his dark eyes examining me.

"My name is Doctor Harleen Quinzel, I will be taking over for Doctor Hugo Strange." I said he slowly nodded, He brought his cuffed hands up from his lap and set them on the table.

"Harleen Quinzel?" He asked raising a brow.

"DOCTOR Harleen Quinzel." I said a smirk spread across his face.

"So.. You'll be taking over for that STRANGE man." He said

"Funny." I said he tilted his head to the side and quickly stuck out his tongue wetting his red lips.

"Y'know Doc you and I.. We're not so different." He says I looked up at him

"How is that?" I asked

"I can tell you like to laugh.." He said

"Really?" I asked mono toned challenging him.

"Something about your lips..." He said it grew silent

"What about them?" I asked

He sat back in his chair and pointed at the black camera on a tri-pod beside my head.

"Are you actually going to turn that on or is it just there for show?" He asked I looked from the camera to him quickly and just nervously smiled at him he smiled back kind of like he wanted to laugh at me.

"Ready?" I asked my finger on the red circular button.

"As I'll ever be." He said I pressed the button

"Patient Interview 1, Doctor Quinzel over seeing Patient 5574 Alias is "The Joker"." I finished I closed his file and set it on the table folding my hands on top of it.

"So Mr.... Joker, Why do you feel the need to do the things you do?" I asked

"The "need" I don't feel like I need to kill people or anything like that I do them because I want to." He said his eyes holding mine.

"Ok.." I said I lost my train of thought I had no idea what I was doing. The pressure of interviewing him was getting to me.

"Something wrong, Doctor?" I looked up he raised his brows I shook my head

"No! I just um.."

"You wanna know what my name is? My back story? Or are you the Hugo Strange type and just want me to lay down on a table and have you dissect my brain?" He asked

"Strange wanted to do that to you?" I asked he nodded

"What a jerk.." I said

"Are you forgetting something Doc?" He asked I looked up at him he pointed to the camera

"You're on tape" he said

"Oh I know Mr. Joker." I said

"Doc, Why don't you call me something different." He said

"Like what?" I asked

"Mr. J?" He said I nodded

"I guess so. So, Mr. J where are you from?" I asked

"Gotham.. Though I do have Irish family." He said

"Oh, I would have never guessed you were Irish" I said

He smiled, exposing yellow teeth, I didn't think it was from lack of hygiene because the rest of his mouth looked clean.

"Most people don't.." He said

"So what got you into clowns? A childhood show? Was your family in Circus Entertainment?" I asked

"When I was a young boy.. My father brought me to a Circus.. It was at the parts where the clowns would come out and do all sorts of funny flips and dances.. My father and I were in the front row.. I had never seen my old man smile till that moment until they came in..." He trails off

"Till who came in?" I asked

"A mob or gang, I can't quite remember they were after the Circus owner for protection money they started shooting all the clowns.. A few shots missed the clowns hitting the crowd..." He said

"One of those bullets hit your father..." I trailed off I looked up at him just as he looked up at me

"Exactly." He said

"I'm sorry for your loss." I said

"It wasn't a loss. I hated my father." He said I cleared my throat.

"Wanna know how I got these scars? I notice you looking at them.. It's the first thing people look at when they see me." He said

"No, If it makes you uncomfortable or upset I wouldn't want to put you through that." I said

"Very considerate of you but I thought you should know the story behind my most glanced upon feature." He said I nodded

"Very well" I said

As he told the story behind his scars I listened intently he would occasionally giggle or chuckle through the story but it wasn't funny.. It was violent.. Sad. I nodded along showing him I was listening.

"So that's how I got these scars.." He says sitting back in his chair. I looked down at my watch

"I'm sorry this is all we have time for today." I said he nodded

"When will I see you again Doctor Quinzel?" He asked

"A week or so.." I said

"See you then." He said I nodded and shut the camera off. The guards noticed the time and buzzed the door open I got up picking up my file I walked towards the open door. I glanced back at Joker he looked right back at me. I felt drawn to him. I shouldn't want to stay but I did.



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