Red vs. Blue: Boys in Blue and Girls in Red Season 1

Red and Blue teams are getting new members could be an adventure of a life time. There are going to be moments that never going to be the same thing. Despite they are different teams, they are going to have romantic moments. Based on Red vs. Blue: Girls in Blue and Boys in Red, it will have Specialshipping, Oldrivalshipping, Mangaquestshipping, and Soulsilvershipping. Coming in 2014


1. Trailer

From the fanfic story maker of Theatre of Parodies and The Super Serious AI and The Spartan comes to a new story will make a new debut:

"Church! There is a big bird coming in!" Caboose said as he sees a pelican coming in.

"Whatever! I hope you get it." Church sarcastic said while Caboose looks at the pelican.

"And looks like it landed with strange people inside." Caboose watches the pelican lands.

"It's nice to know that. Wait, What?" Church shocked while they come to the Pelican. A group of officers appeared to them with a board on his hand. He looks at Blue team with grim look. He spoke up.

"So, who's one of you is Sister?" Officer said.

"Aye!" The yellow Blue team member named Sister said.

"Come with me and get on the ship."

"Bye, everyone!" Sister said as the officers take her away.

"Man, I was so close to get it!" Tucker whined as only chance to get laid was lost. Now what can he do to get the ladies?

"Just shut up, man. I think our new guys are here." Church said as he sees the four figures coming out of the ship.

They about to meet their new members of Blue Team: Red, Green, Gold, and Silver.

"Hello, welcome to Blood Gluch Alpha. I'm Church. The Green one is Tucker, that pure blue is Caboose" Church introduces Blue Team.

"Hi!" Caboose waves his hand in a cherry notion.

"So, what's your name?" Church asked the red eye boy.

"I'm Red. This is Green, Gold, and Silver. We were supposed to be transferred here.

They get along very quickly.

"Hi, you want to be my best friend?" Caboose asked Silver as he lays down.

"Go away." Silver said.

Meanwhile at Red base, Red team gets a big surprise.

While Red team is still talking about the arrival of the new members, someone taps Sarge's shoulder.

"I mean what could happen?" Grif sarcastic said until Red team turn to see four girls in different red armor, but different hair style and color.

"Hi!" the brunette said which she was along with a Bluenette with fixed pigtails, another Brunette with curved pigtails, and petite blond girl.

"Oh, no! It's the Imperial Japanese are invading us!" Sarge shouted in fear as he reloads his shotgun.

"Sir, Imperial Japan was around World War 2. This is the year of 2554. Are you the new guys?" Simmons asked the girls.

"Yeah, My name is Blue. This is Crystal. Her Cousin, Lyra. And this one is Yellow.

Two groups had one thing in common. Each new blue member has a girlfriend and Each Red member has a boyfriend. Things are going to be complicated when they faced other. Stay tune for Season 1: Blood Gulch.

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