i love you <3

alex helxer Is in love but nobody knows she is going into a new school year and she already has a crush?! her crush is nick owens he is the cutest ever she says will alex and nick be in love lets find out........


2. the rumor

alex ! haha shes fat-ugly-mean-stupid AN HAS A CRUSH ON NICK OWENS! ho dd everybody find out ! alex said to her-self she felt like crying I bet it was destiny! taylor said alex said no it was not cuz she has not told anybody but taylor and Julia.taylor said where is julia anyway?!.alex said hmm I don't know?.they had to start the repeat of the whole day again but in gym it was hard for alex she was with nick for 4 mins.she went the rest of the day trying not to think of what happed. at the end of the day when she was out of her last class she bumped into nick she said sorry he gave a look. she started to tear up she went home fine and went to bed not wanting to go to school tomorrow.

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