I will find you

The end of series 2....or is it
Life is about to get a lot harder for teenage wolfblood Maddy Smith, after leaving her beloved she is heartbroken. Doctor Whitewood has found them, Maddy is whisked away to a lab to be tested on. Will she survive this torture? Will she ever see her friends again? "Will Rhydian ever find his beloved Maddy Smith again?


2. Your a monster

Maddy's Pov

I woke up, my vision disorientated and clouded with black dots "so you are awake" an unfamiliar voice said venomously then I realized, Doctor Whitewood "you there get the tests" she yelled at a man in a white coat he soon rushed back with a rack of tubes that contained coloured liquids, the Doctor whipped a yellow one and and stabbed a needle into my arm. My eyes immediately turned yellow and the world began spinning, I felt a stabbing pain in my head "have...you...no...mercy" I coughed out while trying to remain conscious "your no human! Your monster" she shrieked kicking me. I fell onto the cold,hard tiles smashing my head, I closed my eyes and slipped into a black world.


Emma's pov

I pulled into the car park of bernies cafe, I kept Shannons number in case of emergencies, and rang her this morning "Mrs Smith" she said hugged me "whats wrong"

"Maddy s-s-she has been kidnapped".

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