I will find you

The end of series 2....or is it
Life is about to get a lot harder for teenage wolfblood Maddy Smith, after leaving her beloved she is heartbroken. Doctor Whitewood has found them, Maddy is whisked away to a lab to be tested on. Will she survive this torture? Will she ever see her friends again? "Will Rhydian ever find his beloved Maddy Smith again?


1. Whitewood?

Maddy's Pov

We are not really living wild, we stay in a little cottage and we get sent food from Maura, one of mams friends who lives in Devon. It has been a month since I have seen Rhydian, one painful month without the one I loved most. I miss Tom and Shan but sometimes when my parents are not around I use Eolas to see them.Bang! I heard the front door slam open "Mam?" I call when Doctor Whitewood steps in, I scramble back in terror "I thought I told you not to run Beast" she spat "I-I-I'm not a beast" I stutter. She smacks me round the head with something and the world goes black.


Emma Smith's pov (Maddy's Mum) 

Dan and I came home from seeing Maura and Rob's pack down in Devon 'Maddy' I called out but strangely there was no reply "Emma look" Dan barked from the living room he was pointing at the stains of blood on the carpet ''my cub!'' I shrieked "I bet this was that Whitewood!" Dan screamed.

I am worried sick "Dan, i know what we need to do" I said seriously "what?" he asked "we're going back to Stony Bridge" I said revving our old jeep.


Please note this photo has been edited by myself it has a watermark so don't nick it!


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