I will find you

The end of series 2....or is it
Life is about to get a lot harder for teenage wolfblood Maddy Smith, after leaving her beloved she is heartbroken. Doctor Whitewood has found them, Maddy is whisked away to a lab to be tested on. Will she survive this torture? Will she ever see her friends again? "Will Rhydian ever find his beloved Maddy Smith again?


4. Torture

one month later

Maddy's pov

I sometimes caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I looked like a skeleton. Over the course of a month I had been forced into taking a cocktail of drugs and tests. Today was a 'special day' as Whitewood put it. I am kept in a small cage which has developed my claustrophobia even more. I was lead into a bare room I was pushed in. Almost immediately it set on fire, my eyes turned yellow and I cried out as flames licked my skin tears flowed freely from my eyes. Wolfbloods hate fire I growled then cowered back from the dreadful, orange beast. The fire stopped after about an hour "get up, animal" one of the scientists kicked me "we have a visitor today" I wonder who he meant.

Doctor Whitewood walked in with a familiar face, Liam! "our next test is going to be the water test" 

she said to Liam I looked into his eyes, pleading , I wish I could yell but my mouth has been taped Liam is the reason I am here he is the reason for my suffering. I am led the a glass room which is in front of a room with the scientists, Liam and Doctor Whitewood inside she started grinning. My ankles were suddenly wet I look down and water was rising past my knees! They were filling it up! As soon as the water reached my chin I cried and screamed. I soon I was fully under water and drowning I banged on the glass until my vision became fuzzy and I sunk to the bottom. 

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