I will find you

The end of series 2....or is it
Life is about to get a lot harder for teenage wolfblood Maddy Smith, after leaving her beloved she is heartbroken. Doctor Whitewood has found them, Maddy is whisked away to a lab to be tested on. Will she survive this torture? Will she ever see her friends again? "Will Rhydian ever find his beloved Maddy Smith again?


3. Listen you idiot

Shannons pov

After Mrs Smith told me about Maddy I ran to Tom, tears streaming down my face, "Tom!" I cried out "Shan? whats wrong" he asked worriedly "it's Maddy she has been kidnapped!" I sobbed "by who!" he yelled "Mrs Smith thinks Doctor Whitewood" he paused for a minute "we have to tell Rhydian!" he said as we ran to the playground. "Rhydian!" I yelled and saw him talking to a girl "guys meet Rebecca, Rebecca Whitewood" my jaw dropped when he said the surname "we need to speak with you!" Tom hissed and grabbed Rhydian's arm pulling in the dark room. "wha-" he started but Tom cut him off "Rhydian... you might find this hard but...Maddy has gone missing the Smiths think Doctor Whitewood is behind it" we watched for his reaction but he just walked off. 


Rhydian's pov

My Maddy is gone. But I promise one thing I will find you, my love.

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