Down the Rabbit Hole ~ Alice in Wonderland fan fiction

When Alice Liddell was younger, she saw the white rabbit for the first time. She followed him and fell down a massive rabbit hole, where everything was complete nonsense. She soon found out, that this was a dream. But she loved how she could just escape from reality, for one moment.
Many years later, Alice lives in a terrible reality. Nothing goes as planned, and nothing seems to be, the way she wants it to be. And that's when Alice's weird dream about the white rabbit turns back. Will Alice be able to know, what's a dream, and what's reality? And what will happen, when she finally catches the rabbit? >> Fandom: Disney


2. Prologue

little alice fell down the hole,

bumped her head and bruised her soul

 Once upon a time, a little girl sat in a chair. A chair filled with disgust and charges. She wasn't the only one who had sat in the chair. She wasn't the only one, who had cried in the chair. But she was the only one, who could feel the chair. The only one, who could hear the chair, whispering stories about all the other little girls, who had sat in that exact same chair. She was in a room. A room, who was almost as dark, as her soul and thoughts. As dark as the world outside. The filthy world, who didn't care about her and her kind. How could she ever love someone who didn't care for her? 

"Alice?" said a male voice, from across the room. The little girl looked up, to show the man, that she was listening. Her long, blonde hair, was covering half of her face and half of her eyes.

"What was it this time, Alice, tell me about your night," he spoke to her, as if she was a child.

"I fell," she said and didn't move her eyes of the man. 

"Where?" he paused, "where, Alice."

"Down the hole."

"What did the hole look like?" he sounded curious, although he already knew the answer.

"It was dark," she still hadn't moved her eyes.

"Yeah, but what kind of hole was it?"

"A rabbit hole," for the first time, she looked down, "the rabbit hole." 

"Were you happy?" The man asked.

"No," Alice looked at him again, "I was screaming".

"Did anyone hear you?"


"Why not? Was anyone there?"

"No one, besides me and the white rabbit," Alice looked a bit scared. It was the longest answer she had given anyone in a while.

"Why didn't he help you?" The man leaned a bit towards Alice, to look more interested.

"He was - he was running so fast," she said, with a sad voice, as she was starring into the air. Starring right through the man. Starring at him, as if he wasn't there. Her eyes watered.

"Didn't he hear you scream?" The man asked, assuming the rabbit was a male rabbit.

"He couldn't have," she said, still starring into the air.

"Why not?"

"No sound came out," now she looked at the man again, as if he was there. Her eyes were wide open and a normal person, who didn't know Alice, would be scared of her.

"And what did you do then?"

"I fell," she paused, "down and down and down."

"Why were you falling, Alice?"

"I fell down and down and down," she repeated, "down the never ending rabbit hole."

"But you are not falling now," he tried to calm her down. But her eyes just opened wider and she didn't seem calm at all. She seemed rather angry or hurt.

"Yes!" she yelled, as she crawled up the chair and almost curled herself together, like a little ball, "don't you see, Mr. Rabit? I will never stop falling."


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