Change for Change's Sake

*For the "Movellas Gets Political Contest*. The governments shoddy "education revolution" is disagreed with by schools and universities so why are the government still rushing it through?


2. Further Changes from 1/11/13

More changes to the UK's education system were announced today. These changes include: -A numbered grading system. -Marks based only on examinations -The removal of the formulas from the papers so that students have to learn them. Let's start with the numbered grading system. How is a 1 any different from an A* or a 2 from an A? There is no difference they mean the same thing! This is a prime example of a random change that's not supported by a reasonable argument. The grade will be based on examinations only which the government say will make exams more academic. Now, although academia is important, the vast majority of jobs are vocational and these vocational skills will suffer if students are to concentrate only on exams. This new system also abandons pupils with fears of exams or whom are clever but have a different skill set. Finally, currently most, not all, of the formulas in maths and science are in the front of the paper. The government proposes to get rid of these.

I ask any politician, when was the last time you needed the Sin rule in powerful job? Then I ask how many reports do you have to write? These reports use the skills from controlled assessment which the government are getting rid of. 

So why now?

These changes are all being proposed just before... elections. And they've picked on the people who are too young to fight back - the ones who can't vote. The ironic thing is that all the students our age who are affected by these changes are too busy completing these "inadequate" qualifications to make a proper stand. 

What can we do?

The government know that us striking would only further damage our education and get our parents into trouble for us "skiving". So what can we do? We can write articles like this, get our voices heard, email our MPs, trend on twitter. Try to talk to your parents about these changes and how their votes in the upcoming elections affect us and our futures. 

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