Dark Horse (Harry Styles fanfic)

Just going into the club for the night with promises of never getting tied down by a woman, Harry becomes addicted to a dancer there and breaks his promise to himself with a new one. The new promise being, to give this girl everything she wants. She's a cold hearted and he doesn't care. Harry is addicted and wants her all to himself. But he feels she is distant and doesn't feel anything for him and he's desperate for her to.


3. '...You Should Know What You're Fallin' For...'

Dark Horse

'...You Should Know What You're Fallin' For.'

I threw on a shirt, pants and shoes and went after Trayka. She was walking, so she couldn't get far.


I ran through the lobby of my apartment and saw girls everywhere. All of them looked at me, but I was looking for my girl. When I didn't see her in the lobby, I ran out the door.


I pushed the doors out and looked both ways and I saw her running through the crowds of people. I decided to follow her, but I had to be stealth about it. So I walked quickly down the sidewalk after her.




We walked up to a apartment building that wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the best. I watched her from the tree as she walked in.


Guys stood out front and watched her walk in and I could tell this place was probably where all the meth heads and pill poppers lived.


I walked towards the front door when the two guys stopped me by staring. "what?" I asked and they stared at me. "What are you doing here, pretty boy?" they asked me.


Pretty boy? They actually called me pretty boy? I've never been called that in my life.


"I'm just looking for a girl who spent the night with me last night. She got up and left and I was wondering what was up." "Who?" they asked. "Trayka. Uhm, she works down at the-" "Stripclub, yeah we know." they both laughed and I stared. "What's so funny?" I asked them, I was confused. "She doesn't want a relationship, boy. She is an independent girl." I was very confused on what they meant by that.


"Why not?" "Let me tell you something," the older man came closer to me. "Trayka has had a few bad relationships." I looked up at him. "How do you know?" I asked. "You can hear them fighting from the 4th floor to the first floor!" I looked away and back at the building. "She's not going to let in a young man like yourself who's got the hots for her, just because he's saw her take her clothes off." I looked back at him. "Well I can't stand here and wonder." I said and walked to the building.


I walked in and saw a couple of girls at the mail boxes down stairs. I smiled at them and politely asked if they knew which number Trayka's apartment was. One of them stared at me and bit her lip. She checked me out and I watched as she did. "Why you lookin' for her, baby?" I narrowed my eyes at her. "You can have me if ya want." I stared back at her. "Please, I need to find her." she smiled at me again. The girls laughed at me, just like the men outside. "Why? she owe you a lap dance?" one said and I felt myself grow angry. "What did you just say?" they giggled again, which made me angrier.


Trayka was more than just a stripper, yeah, she had a body, she knew how to dance and she knew how to satisfy me. But she was a girl I was falling in love with. Her beauty was unique and natural. She didn't need to throw on make up to look good.


A girl was walking down the stairs when I asked for Trayka's apartment again. "D04" she said and I looked up at her. "Thank you." I said and I went up the stairs and was almost passed her. "Who are you?" she asked and I looked back. "Harry Styles." I said with a smile. "Oh, you're the handsome guy she slept with last night?" she asked pulling her backpack over her shoulder more. I nodded and smiled. "Yeah, is she up there?" she nodded "Yeah, and good luck with her." she said and walked down the stairs. I didn't know what she meant by that exactly, but I didn't mind it at all. She walked out holding her school books.


I walked to the 4th floor hearing all kinds of different things. TV's, music, people talking, babies crying, dogs barking and some people yelling. I couldn't believe she was living here, it was terrible. I could smell the pot being smoked from somewhere and the smell of alcohol burned my nose.


I made my way to her door and sighed. Shes going to think I'm insane, but that's okay. I knocked and waited, I waited and waited until she opened. She was shocked to see me, she looked inside and the back at me "What are you doing here, Harry?" I smiled when I heard her voice again. "Why did you run out so fast this morning? I didn't even have a chance to give you my legendary oral morning sex." I smiled and she walked outside and shut the door pushing me forward.


"Did you follow me here?" she asked crossing her arms. I nodded and smiled at her and she shook her head. "Harry..." I smiled bigger and grabbed her waist. "Last night was amazing and I needed to see you again." she looked up at me and nodded "Last night was." she stroked my arms and looked at them for a minute and then back up at me. "But Harry, things aren't good right now. I barely make enough to pay my bills. I live on ramen, I don't have anything-" "Baby, you're stressed." I said and pulled her closer. She nodded "I am, I really am."


I pushed her hair behind her ear and looked at her. "Let me take care of you?" she shook her head and looked down. "No, Harry." She said in a stressful voice. I let her go. "Baby, you have to get out of here." I said grabbing the door handle. "Harry, no!" she said and I walked in to see a little girl with brown hair on the floor playing with her dolls.


I stopped when I saw her and she stopped when she saw me.

Trayka's pov

I tried to stop Harry from going in, but he didn't stop. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Marae' playing with her dolls on the floor.


Marae' looked at me and took off down the hall. Harry looked back at me and looked confused.


"She's scared." I said. "She's not good with new people. I was just like her when I was little." "So she's yours?" he asked and I nodded. "Her name is Marae' Mariah and she's 4." Harry looked back down the hall and put his hands on his hips.


"This didn't come up sooner?" "Harry, I met you just a day ago!" "You had sex with me." he replied "Now I know why you had to be home last night." I looked down the hall and sighed. Marae' went to go hide in the closet like she always did when a guy would come over.


I opened the hall closet and moved the coats aside. Marae' was curled up with her head in her knees. "Baby, come on." I held out my arms and she looked up at me and went into my arms. I picked her up and shut the door. "Nothing bad will happen, honey." I said patting her back as I walked back to Harry and stood in front of him. He stared at Marae' and she looked back at him.


"Harry, meet Marae'." I smiled. Marae' looked away from Harry. "Hi, Marae'." Harry said with a smile and shook her little hand. I smiled at Harry and stared at him. Marae' buried her head in my neck, but peeked at Harry.


Harry smiled "It's like looking back at little you." I nodded and smiled.


Marae' looked like me so much that it was almost scary. I just hope better for her though, I hope guys don't try to hurt her in anyway. I had hopes for Marae', I wanted her to go to Ohio State University and do something great with her life. I don't want her to end up working as a stripper and old creepy guys hitting on my baby. It's so dangerous as it is, but I can't protect her in my arms forever. I want to keep her innocent and small forever.


I smiled at Harry and then at Marae' "Can you say hi to mommy's friend Harry?" I asked her. She looked away and buried her face in my shoulder. "She's shy..." I looked up at Harry again. "She's shy. Hold on." I knelt down on one knee and put her on my other. "Hey," I lifted up her head and she looked into my eyes, and I was looking at myself as a little girl it seemed. "can you say hi?" Harry knelt down at grabbed her tiny hand. "I'm Harry, babe." he smiled and I looked up at him. He glared over at me and then back at Marae'. I smiled a little bit and looked back at her as she looked into Harry's eyes. "Hi, Harry." I giggled as her tiny voice squeaked as she greeted him. Harry smiled warmly at her and Marae' looked back. "Are you going to hurt my mommy, too?"


Harry looked up at me and was confused on why she would say that. I picked Marae' off my knee, "Hey babe," I placed her in front of me and looked at her. "go play with your dollies for awhile, okay?" she smiled at me and I smiled back as she headed for her dolls on the floor. I got up and looked at Harry who also got up.


I pulled him into the kitchen and tried to explain what she had just said to him. "What did she mean by that?" he asked and I looked back at her. "I had a couple bad relationships, Harry. The douchebags used to fight with me in front of her and I tried telling her to go to her room and block it out, but she used to sit on the floor crying." Harry looked at Marae' played with her barbies hair and placed her in barbie house. He shook his head and put his hands on his hips "She's a gorgeous little girl." I smiled and nodded. "She is." I replied. "She's my whole world and I'm-" I thought about the fact that she's not going to be little forever. I started choking up and Harry grabbed my hand and held it.


"Let me take care of you, please?" he begged and looked at me as he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him. "Harry..." I said and he brought his finger up to my lips. "No, you have to let me." he was insisting basically and I knew I wasn't going to win it. So I thought to myself, he's rich and he wants to, so I figured, I can just give him what he wants and he'll give me what I want. Which as bad as it sounds, it was his money. I had to take care of my child some way and stropping wasn't helping anymore.


I looked up at Harry and nodded. "Okay..." I'll feel bad, but he wants me and I want his money, it's a win win for both of us.


We both get something we want...

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