Dark Horse (Harry Styles fanfic)

Just going into the club for the night with promises of never getting tied down by a woman, Harry becomes addicted to a dancer there and breaks his promise to himself with a new one. The new promise being, to give this girl everything she wants. She's a cold hearted and he doesn't care. Harry is addicted and wants her all to himself. But he feels she is distant and doesn't feel anything for him and he's desperate for her to.


4. 'Just Hold On, We're Goin' Home...'

Dark Horse
'Just Hold On, We're Goin' Home...'

Harry's pov
I convinced Trayka to throw everything away, besides her stuff she wants and all Marae's things. She was off of work tonight, so we were going to start unpacking today. It really only took 5 boxes of stuff she needed. I was having a canopy bed delivered for Marae for her new room. It should be getting set up as we speak. 
I clapped my hands, "Are we ready?" I asked kneeling down by Marae, who was confused on why she was leaving her home. "Where are we going?" she asked me and Trayka spoke up. She was leaning up against the kitchen door frame. She was dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a purple tight v neck, it certainly showed off her body, and black converse. "We're going to live with Harry." Marae looked from me to her mother. "But..." she pouted and I looked at her. I patted her back and smiled. "It will be okay." "Oh, wait! I have to get my dolly! I just had her in my old room!" I got up and watched Marae run down the hall to find her doll she forgot. Once she was out of sight, I grabbed Trayka's face and smiled as she did.

Trayka's pov
Harry grabbed my face and I wanted to yank away, but I remained still as Harry leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. I didn't like the way it felt, because it felt like a boyfriend and girlfriend kiss. 
Harry pulled back and stroked my face and I smiled at him and looked away. Marae ran back into the kitchen. "I'm ready now." she said and I smiled at her and picked her up. "Alright, lets go then." I kissed her cheek and went to return my key.


Harry's pov
I sat Marae in the back and buckled her up. "Are you excited?" she smiled and nodded "Yes, I am. Do you have a back yard?" she asked and I looked at her. It's so sad, she's never had a back yard to play in. It really upset me. Every little kid needs a backyard to play in. "Yes, I do sweetie and you can okay in it as much as you want." I said and her face lit up. "I even have a pool." she clapped and Trayka looked back at her with a smile. "Someone is a little excited about something, isn't she?" She grabbed her leg and Marae looked at her. "Harry has a pool and a backyard!!!" Trayka looked at me and I looked at her."That's nice, honey." and she turned back around.


Trayka's pov
We pulled up to Harry's house and I heard Marae gasp and looked back as her little hands hit the window."This is where you live?!" She asked and Harry nodded. "Sure is babe." I rolled my eyes and looked out at the front of the apartment building. "Just like our old one, Marae. Just fancier." Harry looked over smiling. "And bigger." Harry go out and I did, too. I grabbed my bag and someone pulled it away. 
"I got that Mrs. Styles." the valet said and I cocked my head to the side. "Excuse me?" and Harry ran over taking the bag and giving him money. "I have it, thank you." he said and the guy smiled and walked away. I looked over at Harry and he halfway smiled at me and I narrowed my eyes. I wanted to look at myself through his eyes, because I don't see why he wants me so bad. I looked back and grabbed Marae's hand and we walked inside the building behind Harry. "So when can I go swim?" Marae asked and I looked back at her. "We have to unpack Marae." She frowned as she looked at me and I frowned back. "Don't look like that baby. Smile your pretty smile." and she half smiled.


We walked into Harry's apartment, of course I'd seen it before. Marae was gasping as she walked in. "Wow..." Marae looked around and was stunned. This was a mansion to her, she couldn't believe this was home. Harry chuckled and looked at me and I smiled. "You have the same reaction your mum did when she saw it." She looked around some more and looked back at Harry. "I have a room?" Harry nodded and took Marae's hand. "Sure do."

I watched him take Marae down the hall and took out my phone and dialed Nia's number. I had to give her this new address, which she might be kinda upset that I loved in with a customer. There really should be no feelings between the customers and us, and in Harry's case, he should have no feelings for me. I could get fired for this, but I'm willing to take that risk.

"Hello?" I heard Nia's voice and I turned "Nia, it's me. I have news..." I heard Ali in the background laughing. "What news?" I pressed my lips together. She's going to kill me. "I moved in with a guy." There was silence for a few moments. Exactly what I thought. "Nia?" "Who?" she asked. "His name is Harry," I thought about the other night outside the club when she saw him. "actually, you know him." I nervously laughed. "The guy from the club..." "A CUSTOMER?!"

there it is.

"Yes," I ran my hand through my hair "just don't say anything, Nia." she sighed and I looked out the big window and over the city. it's almost ridiculous that I could see my old rinky dink apartment building from here and now I'm living here, in this high class apartment with women who look down on me.

"What's so special about this guy?" Nia asked and I bit my lip. "His money, I guess." I said softly. "Trayka!" "He insisted on me living here, what was I supposed to say?" "No thank you, I'm fine on my own. That would of been a great thing to say." I sighed and looked back at the building. "I wasn't fine on my own. I needed desperately to get out of there." I frowned and looked down.

I soon gave Nia the address so she could drop off Ali before work tonight. I didn't have to go in, so I'll just let her sleep with Marae in her new bed tonight.

"Mommy! Mommy!" I heard Marae and I shoved my phone in my back pocket and turned. "My bed is a princess bed!" she jumped up and down with her doll in her hand as Harry walked over to me with a smile on his face. I placed my hands on my hips and smiled at her and sighed. "That's great, sweetie." before I knew it, my hands were immediately off my hips and placed into Harry's hands. I looked up at Harry and smiled. "Everything alright, love?" he asked and I nodded. "Of course." I looked at Marae and smiled and released myself from Harry's grip. "So would you be willing to share your bed with Ali tonight, baby?" I asked her and she looked back at me. "Yes!" I smiled as Marae got even more excited to see her best friend. I nodded and started to unpack our stuff.


Halfway through the unpacking, there was a knock on Harry's door. I brushed off my shirt and walked over, opened it and saw 4 other guys standing in front of it. "You're not Harry." One with dark dark hair said and I shook my head. "Who are you guys?" they all walked in and I moved out of their way. They're quiet rude. "Yeah, come on in." I said under my breath and closed the door after all of them were in. "Where's Haz?" The blond Irish one said and I looked down the hall. "With my daughter." "Oh shit..." they all kinda looked down and turned a bit. I narrowed my eyes as Harry made his way down the hall with Marae. "Hey fellas." Harry greeted them and I still stared. "What's wrong?" I asked and they didn't say much. "I guess we didn't except you to be Harry's new women..." My eyes narrowed more and I shook my head and crossed my arms. what was the deal with this?

"Harry's new women?..." they all nodded their heads. "But I'm not..." I stopped when the door sounded again and I opened it again. It was Nia and Ali. "Let me see the guy." Nia said walking in and running into the other guys who stood before here. I shut the door and walked back after picking up Ali.

"Liam?" Nia asked in disbelief and I looked at her and Harry looked at her and then me. Nia turned "You know him?" I shook my head. "I didn't even know his name until now." she turned and faced Liam and I walked closer and that's when Liam looked flushed instantly. "Liam," Harry asked and he looked at him and back at Ali. "you ok, bro?" and he nodded "Yeah. Who's kid?" Nis scoffed and threw her hands up. "You know what, I don't have the fucking time for this. I have work." she turned around and walked out and soon, Liam followed.

I pressed my lips together to hold my smile off as I looked at Harry who laughed to himself. 

I put Ali down and eventually met the rest of the boys. Niall, Louis, Zayn and the other one was Liam, of course. They were all Harry's best friends.


Harry's pov
Trayka went in the room with Marae and her friend Ali. I stayed in the living room with Niall, Louis and Zayn. We were watching American football when Louis looked over and smiled at me. "What?" I asked and Louis smiled bigger. "Are you just going to keep it to yourself? or are you going to tell us?" I narrowed my eyes and had absolutely no idea what the hell he was talking about. "Tell you what?" "Oh, come on. Did you get some?" I chuckled and looked back at the TV. I don't blab about my sex life.

I heard Marae and Ali laughing loudly from the next room down the hall. I grabbed my lips and played with them as I thought of the love we only made once recently. I could pleasure her for hours everyday. Her responses were so sexy and I could tell you she was very much enjoying it.

I nodded and the other boys cheered. We weren't 17 anymore, they shouldn't get so excited over this.

Trayka's pov

Ali and Marae laughter died down. I laid down on Marae's bed when a text from Nia came in. I slid it open and read

Liam and I got held up talking. I know you don't work tonight, but can you take my shift? Please, I owe you one big time. 
Kisses, Nia.

Isighedand looked up at the ceiling and rubbed my eyes. I didn't want to go in tonight. I'd love to stay with my baby girl and spend time with her. I turned my head and felt the warm soft silk on my cheek. I loved that Harry bought Marae a whole new bed. That was very sweet of him to do, because he didn't have to at all.

I raised myself up and walked out of the room quietly. I started walking to the bedroom to get ready when I heard Harry talking.

"Very sexy body." I tiptoed down the hall a bit. Harry had his back turned to me and so did Niall. Louis and Zayn faced the tv and could easily see me, but I stayed in the dark. Louis raised his eyebrows, "And...how did it feel?" a cheeky grin came across his face. "What? Have you and Eleanor not fucked?" Harry chuckled and that is when I come to realize they were talking about me and Harry. My head hit the wall as I continued to listen.

"I'm just wondering," Louis said holding his hands out. "she looks like she's got El beat body wise, which is a pretty big thing since El has a great body." I pressed my lips together and looked at Harry who shook his head and laughed more. "She's a stripper, Louis. Of course she has an amazing body. Most of them do." I looked away after hearing Harry's words. Was all I was to him a stripper? Because he made it look like he wanted to be with me.

I started to get tears in my eyes and I wiped them away really quick and walked down the hall to the bedroom. I sniffled as I shut the door. I put my back against it and looked down at my converse. I was more than just a stripper. I'm someone's mother and someone looks up to me.


Harry's pov

Trayka left without saying anything and it kinda made me nervous. She gave Ali and Marae a kiss, but not me. Was she angry with me?

"Can you girls stay with Niall?" I asked kneeling down to Ali and Marae. Marae nodded as she held one of her dolls in her hands. "Yes, we can." Ali nodded afterwards, too. I smiled and hugged both if them. "Be the two lovely girls I'm seeing right now." I smiled heading to the door. "We will!" Ali called from across the room.


I arrived at the club and was let through. Loud music from The Pussycat Dolls was blaring in my ear. I looked around and tried finding the one beautiful girl in here. She wasn't on stage or one of the girls walking around, like she was on the first night she found me.

I kept looking. I wasn't here to start anything with her. I just want to know why she's so upset and I can't wait until morning.

I walked over to the bar to get a drink. I really shouldn't even be drinking one beer, it will turn into 7. But I needed something to drink while I looked for her. To my surprise, as I was halfway to the bar when I saw Trayka on another guy dancing, doing her job.

She was on top of him grinding on him, like she did with me the first time. Only difference is, Shes not letting him touch her like she let me. She turned around and put one leg up on the arm rest and stared at him. "Jane, you're one hell of a women." and she smiled "Thank you." the guy ran his hand up her leg. She took his hand away "No touching. You know the rules." she laughed and he grabbed her ass and smacked it. "Come on, baby." I balled up my fists and walked up as Trayka began to fight back and release herself from his grip.

"Hey," my voice boomed over the music. Trayka looked up "Harry?" Trayka seemed shocked to see me here. "don't touch her ever again." I said sternly and he laughed to himself. "And what will you do pretty boy?" I grabbed his shirt collar "Try again and you will see. I will cut your balls off myself and ram them down your throat." He looked from me to Trayka who stood behind me. "Your boyfriend to the rescue, huh?" I heard Trayka sigh and he walked away. I looked back and saw her with her hand over her face. I licked my lips and opened my arms and tried to pull her into them, but she budged. "Don't." She said taking her hand from her face and walking away. I narrowed my eyes as she walked away and I followed.

"Trayka..." I called after her. She didn't turn around. She just kept walking and wouldn't stop. I don't know what has gotten her so upset with me.

I grabbed her arm after I caught up with her. I pulled her near a private room and we went in. She sat on the couch with her arms crossed and shimmering body in the dim light. "What's wrong?" I asked her and she looked down. "You were pissed off when you left the house and you gave the girls a kiss, but you didn't give me one." I grabbed her knee and rubbed it. She had the softest skin in the world. "Do you think of me as just a stripper?" She said looking up at the wall. I narrowed my eyes "What the hell? Of course I don't, Trayka! Why would you say that?" She had tears forming in her eyes. I ran my fingers over her skin once more. I didn't like seeing her cry. It was terrible.

"I heard your friends and you talking. You see me as a stripper..." she said and my stomach turned. She must of walked in at the wrong time.

"Baby I have not said anything but good things about you. And Lou wanted to know how you stay in such great shape. El is a supermodel and you look better than she does. I was doing nothing but bragging about you." I looked into her eyes and stared. I was completely serious and I was not joking or bullshitting. My thumb brushed over the skin on the side of her knee. "I see you as a women who fights for what she wants and does everything for her baby girl." She looked at me with teared filled eyes. I leaned in closer to her face. I brushed the hair out of her eyes with my fingers. "I'm willing to help." she looked down and sniffled as I leaned in closer to her face and she fell back. "I should probably get back to work now." She wiped her nose and pushed me off. "Don't I get a kiss this time?" "We can't kiss in the club, Harry." I frowned and watched her walk out of the private room.


I stayed awhile more after she went back on stage. I sat at the bar with each arm on the bar watching her. I was making sure these creeps keep their hands to theirselves.

As I was sitting and watching her grind on the pole, I was thinking of how much I wanted to be that pole. Maybe I should get one for the bedroom? That could be really fun. Except when Marae gets older and starts playing on it....maybe not so much. Okay, stripper pole is a very bad idea.

I noticed Trayka staring at me as she grabbed the pole with both hands and leaned back and she grinded harder on it. I balled up my fist at the thought of her possibly thinking of me as the pole, too. I felt my body become hot as I watched her through the smoke of the other guys cigarettes. I tried controlling myself. She clamped down on her bottom lip with her teeth and I became a little hard by that. Lip biting is a sexy thing and she had it down. She knew how to tease.


Trayka's pov

I came home that morning around 3:30 and unlocked the door, locking it again behind me. I took off my jacket and hung it up and walked down the hall to Marae's new room. Her and Ali were all nuzzled up in her big bed.

I walked over to her and smiled as I saw their eyes flutter. I kissed both their foreheads and Marae being the light sleeper woke up. "Mommy..." she said with her eyes half open. "Hi baby girl." I smiled and touched her head. She held out her arms for a hug and I smiled. "You go back to sleep, okay?" she nodded and rubbed her eyes as I covered her back up. "I love you." "I love you, too, mommy." and I kissed her and left.

I made my way to my new room and sighed. I shut the door quietly and looked for some shorts and a tank top to sleep in. I changed in the bathroom and walked back out climbing into the big bed with Harry.

Harry had no shirt on and by the looks of it, no pants or briefs. I slid down and covered up. I felt two arms wrap around me and pull me close. "You alright love?" he asked in a deep sleepy voice. I nodded and smiled a bit. "Sure." Harry began kissing my shoulder and I let him. He made his way up my neck and started kissing behind my ear. He was giving me major chills down my spine.

I felt Harry from behind and knew he was turning himself on. He bit my ear lobe and moaned. I smiled and shook my head. I knew what he wanted. I ignored his foreplay and climbed on him with a smile. I took off my tank top and stared at him biting my lip. "Tease." he said pulling me down to him for a kiss.


I woke up the next morning naked. I remember why. I jumped out of bed ashamed of myself a bit. I reached for my tank top that was on the floor and put it on. I can't believe I had sex with him again last night. What the hell was my problem and where the fuck was my bra at? I looked around and searched for it. Did I even wear one home from the club?

I shook my head I pulled up my shorts that were laying next to where my tank top was. I grabbed Harry's hoodie at the edge of the bed and put it on so the girls wouldn't see anything and I don't need Harry to either.

I walked out into the kitchen where I smelt breakfast food. I haven't smelt this since I was a kid at home and my mom used to cook me breakfast every morning.

Ali and Marae were seated at the table waiting for their plates. I leaned against the door frame and saw Harry looking at me with a smile. He must of been proud of himself for last night. It was different than last time, he was a bit rougher and a bit more dominant. It wasn't bad though, it wasn't the last time either.

I smiled at Harry and quickly looked away at Marae and Ali. "Nice hoodie." I heard Harry chuckle. I looked back over and stared "Sorry, I needed something to put over my tank top. I'll wash it for you." he shook his head and walked over to the table with the pan of eggs, still looking at me with a smile. "No worries, love." he looked back at the girls and I watched him kiss the top of their heads. "Be careful girls, its very hot."

Harry turned and looked at me. "You hungry? Want something? I can make you some pancakes with blueberries and strawberries. It's very good." I faked a smile and shook my head and looked back at the girls. Marae looked back at me and narrowed her eyes. I cocked my head to the side and stared back at her.

"Mommy," she asked "why were you saying Harry's name for last night?" my eyes widened when I heard her say that and I heard Harry stop what he was doing. "What do you mean?" I tried to stall the question. "You sounded like you were in pain..." I heard Harry chuckle and I didn't turn around and give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was good to me. I bit my bottom lip and looked at her. "No," I spoke. "mommy was just...well, you see-" I stopped and sighed. I had nothing. I bit my lip harder and heard Harry speak for me. "Your mommy needed a good shoulder rub. She was tired from work." I looked back at him. "And as her friend, I offered." I looked back at Marae. I didn't know exactly know why I kept telling Marae, Harry was just my friend, because in all honesty, to me, we just fuck. He wanted me but I didn't feel the same. He promised to take care of me and my baby and I need Marae to grow up with a good life. That small apartment was doing her no good. She was there with a babysitter more than she was me and now, now she has a house that she finds so pretty. It makes me happy that she is happy.

"Then why was the bed hitting the wall and squeaking?" I covered my face and smiled a bit. I was hoping the talk wouldn't have been until she was at least 10. "Honey, don't ask questions. Just eat so you can get ready for the day." I got up and smiled at Harry as I walked to get in the shower. 


I stood in the shower and let the hot water hit my skin. I was thinking of if things were different with Marae's dad. Where would we be? Would we be in the same small apartment? Or worse? 

I held out my hands and let the water hit them. He was the first guy I had ever loved and we had a baby together. It was hard not to think of a future with him sometimes, because we were meant to be together. Somehow I ended up with Harry in this place. Harry was sweet to me and I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing to him. I could tell how much Harry was into me, it seems to come out when we have sex. Last night, he was rough. But it was a good rough. He would stare into my eyes for awhile. I end up looking away, but I knew he thought I was beautiful. Thinking of this was sending chills through my body. My body was very hot and it wasn't from the water, it was from me thinking of Harry the way I was. 

I crossed my arms and tried to forget the amazing sex we have. For fuck sake, Trayka. I thought, it's just sex. I grabbed my loofa and put soap on it and rubbed it in. I heard the shower slide open and I stopped. Two hands grabbed my loofa out of my hands. The big tanned hands that on the left one had a small cross tattoo. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. How'd he know? 

"Allow me love." Harry whispred and his soft lips kissed my neck softly, giving me goosebumps. "The girls..." I said softly. "Nia and Liam came and got them. Marae went there because she wanted to." I realxed a bit and fell back into his arms, mostly because his hands pushed my hips back into him. He started bringing the loofa over my chest and washing slowly down my stomach. "I wanted some alone time wih you before you went into work." I felt the loofa gently run over my clit and I gasped a little. "You can moan as loud as you want now." I tilted my head back on his shoulder as he dropped the loofa and let his soapy fingers do circles on my clit. I forced myself to turn around and look at Harry in the eyes. 

His fingers continued to rub me, but faster this time. They then slipped inside me and I moan out loudly. His long fingers pumped in and out of me as he stared. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. "More...please." I breathed between the words. "I need more." Harry backed me into the shower corner and was inches from my face. He brought my right leg over his arm and held it as his other hand fingered me deeply. I felt his fingers curling inside me and teasing my G-Spot. I reached underneath me and grabbed his thick member. Moans escaped his mouth as he looked down and back up. His lips parted and he closed his eyes. Little water droplets were running down his face and down his lips. He looked so sexy like this. I had to kiss him as I pumped faster and it led him to do the same to me. 

I felt the feeling of my orgasm in my stomach. My head hit the wall gently as I watched him plaesure me as I pleasured him. "I'm going to cum soon, Harry!" I moaned and he nodded "Me too, wait for me." My thumb brushed over the tip of his dick and he moaned loudly. "fuck this!" Harry said putting my leg down and picking me up. He held me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he entered me. Harry started pounding into me. "I want to fill you with my cum." I grabbed his curls and pulled them as he pushed me closer to  the edge. "Please..." "Cum with me on the count of 3 baby." I nodded and tried holding it in. "One..." Harry grunted and pushed harder and I moaned loudly. "Two..." more and it caused me to scream. "FUCK, HARRY!" "Three..." Harry moaned out and I did, too as I let it all go on him. 

My body went weightless and I sighed as my orgasm faded. 


I evetually left and came into work. Nia was working also and I walked up to talk to her. "Girl, what the fuck?" she said looking over at me. "What?" "Liam is friends with your boyfriend." I rolled my eyes. "He is not my boyfriend." I said. "Mhmm. Anyways," Nia beagn "We're going to pick up where we left off." I narrowed my eyes and looked at her with my hands on my hips. "Which is where?" She blushed and looked down at her bag. "Well, he's- he's kinda Ali's dad." My eyes popped open and my mouth dropped. "KINDA?! How does someone kinda become some little girls dad?!" She looked up at me with pouty lips. "Long story and I would love to stand here and tell you, but I have to go out." She walked past me and I looked back and sighed. 

"Trayka?" One of the gaurds called my name and I looked. "Yeah?" "Someone is here to see you." Harry was here again. I don't know why he comes to the club. He was so protective, but this was my job. 

I fixed my little tank top and walked out. To my fucking surprise, it wasn't Harry. It was Marae's daddy. He smiled at me as I stopped dead in my tracks. "Hey babe." He said and looked me up and down. "You look good." 


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