Dark Horse (Harry Styles fanfic)

Just going into the club for the night with promises of never getting tied down by a woman, Harry becomes addicted to a dancer there and breaks his promise to himself with a new one. The new promise being, to give this girl everything she wants. She's a cold hearted and he doesn't care. Harry is addicted and wants her all to himself. But he feels she is distant and doesn't feel anything for him and he's desperate for her to.


5. '...Everything Could Be Everything...'

Dark Horse

'...Everything Could Be Everything...'

I stared back at my first love after 5 years of not even seeing eachother. Nothing. He never asked about his daughter. "I know you probably don't even want to see me right now." he walked closer and I stayed in the same spot. I shook my head and forced a smile on my face. "No, uh..." I looked around for a second and looked back at him. "I just don't why you're here." I shrugged and nervously laughed. Seth raised his eyebrows and smiled big "I just thought I'd come see you. Your mom told me where you were working." I looked down and blushed. "Yeah..." I bit my lip and crossed my arms. Being a stripper wasn't the best job. 

"I never thought you'd be working in one of these clubs. You were a good girl." I looked up at him and stared. "Well, having a daughter and no help, I couldn't go to college for modeling like I wanted." Seth looked away nodding. "Yeah," he stared at the ground for a moment and looked back at me and grabbed my arm. "can we go somewhere to talk about that?" I nodded. I took him back to the back table. It was a bit quieter.

"How is she?" he asked "She's fine. She's 5 and very smart." He nodded "5 years without a dad and she's never questioned it." I looked up and he was staring. "I was scared. I shouldn't of left you alone." he grabbed my hand and I stared down at it and looked back up at him. "I wanna try again." he said rubbing the back of my hand.

I thought about Marae and how much she loved Harry's house already. How could I pull her away from happiness already to go live with the man who never gave a shit about her until now?

"Slowly..." I replied. Seth smiled and nodded "Baby, whatever you need." "And I'm not moving in with you so soon." Seth nodded again "Of course, baby. I understand." "Okay." I pulled my hand away and got up. Seth did as well, as he stared at me. "As long as I'm getting my two girls back." I half smiled at him. "Yeah." He never had Marae, so technically he wasn't getting two back.

"What time do you leave?" "2:30" I replied. Seth smiled and looked at his watch. "I'll be here." I nodded.


I walked out of the club and saw Seth in the car waiting for me. I hopped in and Seth instantly leaned over and tried to kiss me. I turned my head and he then remembered. "Slow, right. Sorry." I looked back over and smiled. This felt right, but at the same time, not so much. We really had nothing to say to each other. But Seth found something to say to break the silence.

"So, who's been giving you sex?" I looked over at him and stared. "I mean, I remember you were quite the sex addict." I furrowed my eyebrows. "No I wasn't!" I replied. "I just had weird sexual fantasies." I quietly giggled. Seth chuckled and nodded. "Like the night you made me talk French to you as we made love." Seth brought the memory back. I laughed "I've always wanted a French boy. Or some kind of foreign guy." Which is why I took a liking to Harry when I saw him. I saw him in the club prior to the night we met and noticed his thick English accent and found it sexy.

"What, New York accents not good enough for you?" Seth smiled and I looked over getting the image of Harry out of my head. "No, it's just something about being under a guy with a different accent. It's like they all just want to make love." "How so?" Seth asked. I shrugged and began, "How they tell you you're beautiful in their accents or the sexy way they moan." I thought about Harry's throaty groans when I ride him and how his head rolls back and he bites that pink plump lip.


I began to feel myself throb below. "Sounds like you know, huh?" Seth laughed and I broke from the thoughts. "Huh?" "You have sex with any foreign guys since we've been broken up?" "Does it matter? You left me." Seth nodded. "Sorry. It doesn't matter." he said and he continued driving. I looked out the window the rest of the way home.

Harry's pov

Marae sat in the living room and watched Hannah Montana and I sat with her. I tried making conversation with her, bonded with her. "She's Miley during the day and Hannah at night." Marae explained. I knew the whole Hannah Montana thing. I just was talking with her. "Oh, okay. Who do you like more?" "Both! She's so pretty!" I smiled and looked at my phone. I sent out a car for Trayka to come home to.

I put my phone down and looked at the TV at the ending credits of the show. "You ready for bed, little one?" "No." "You're not tired?" she smiled "Nope." I smiled at her as she smiled her mothers smile. "I have to put you to bed before your mummy gets home." She got up laughing and started being silly as she jumped on my couch. "But I'm not tired." I smiled at how giddy she was acting. "Mummy might be a little upset with me that you aren't in bed though. We don't want that."

Marae slowed down with her jumping as she stared at me and looked like she was confused about something. "What's wrong?" I asked and a smile appeared on her face. "You like my mommy..." she pointed at me. "What?...mummy is my friend." She started jumping again. "Friends don't sleep in the same bed." she smirked. "They do, too." "Only mommy and daddy's do." I nervously laughed and looked at my phone. Trayka should be home anytime.

"They also don't make weird noises like you and mommy do." I looked up at her and got up quickly. I couldn't believe a 5 year old was questioning me like this. She was good at it. Picking her up, and carried her to her room. "Alright little one, its time to stop with the interrogation and time for sleep."

Trayka's pov

We pulled up to Harry's apartment building. "She in there?" I take it he was asking about Marae. I took off my seat belt and nodded. "Yeah" I said and looked over at him. "She sleeping?" "Well, she's 5, yes. She can't ever stay up past 7:30. She's tried." I smiled. "When can I see her?" I sighed and looked over at him. He never cared until now. It was annoying, to be honest. "What makes you all of a sudden care about us?" I asked and he grabbed my leg. "I just regret not being there for my girls." he began rubbing my knee. I looked up at him and watched him. "I bet we make pretty cute babies, Trayka." I chuckled softly. "True. Marae is gorgeous."

My baby was the cutest kid in the world and I'm not saying that because she's my kid, I'm saying that, because she is. Perfect brown hair and crystal eyes of blue. She was my world.

I took out my wallet and took out the picture of Marae that was just recently taken out at the playground a couple months ago. I handed it to Seth and he took it. A smile appeared on his lips. "She looks like you!" He said and I nodded. "Yes. She got your eyes though." he smiled bigger with a nod again. "Yeah, she does." I grabbed the picture and put it back in my wallet. "But we don't need you."

I put the picture back in its place and put my wallet in my bag. "She doesn't even ask about her daddy, Seth. She has friends who all have daddies and knows she doesn't have one." I said in a bitchy tone. "Because that's what you told her?"

I looked over at the look on his face. He looked like he knew I was that kind of person and I wasn't. I'd never ever tell my daughter that her father was an ass and didn't care. One, I'd let her find out for herself one day when she's older. And second, I would never talk bad about him around her or to her.

"I'd never say anything like that to Marae, Seth. I don't pull dick moves on her like you did." 
"I was not ready for a kid, Trayka." Seth raised his voice. "And you think I was? If you aren't ready for that kind of thing, don't pressure the next girl into it, you ignorant prick!" I opened the door and got out of his piece of shit car. "So much for wanting to start over, huh?" I leaned in the window and smiled. "Didn't work this time." Seth gave me a smug look. "I'll get Marae, Trayka...if it's the last thing Chelsea and I do." he rolled up the window causing me to jump back and I stared at the car with my mouth open.

My baby could be taken away so easily because of the fact that I strip for a living. And from Chelsea?! His stupid girlfriend he left me for. There was no way Marae was going to call someone else Mommy.


I ran inside and locked the door. I put up my coat and purse and walked to the living room to find Harry on the couch. I had been crying all the way up.

"Harry..." I whined and he looked back. "Trayka," he got up and walked over to me and frowned. "I sent out a car for you earlier, but he said you never came out." Harry grabbed my shoulders and rubbed them. I sighed and he stopped "Why are you shaking?" "Marae's dad is trying to take her away from me, Harry."

Harry looked kind of confused. "Why would Marae's dad be trying to get her? I thought he wasn't around?" I shrugged and sniffled. "Now he is and now I'm fucked." I plopped down on the couch. "I'm a stripper. He'll get her because of that." I saw the Hannah Montana main menu up. I leaned over and checked the hall where Marae's room was. "She sleeping?" I asked and Harry nodded. "Yes, after being interrogated by her." he chuckled. I looked behind me at him. "Interrogated?" "She questioned if I loved you. Liked you to be more specific."

Oh god dammit. My baby suspects something.

"What did you say?" "I asked her what was with all the questions. She knows mummy's and daddies are supposed to sleep in the same bed, like us." Harry smirked. I covered my face and smiled. "Dammit..." "You have one smart kid." I looked up with my hand still over my mouth. "Yeah. My miracle baby is very smart." I smiled at the thought of her questioning Harry.

I sighed and then got up. "I'm going to go shower. Maybe I'll feel somewhat better." I said and Harry smiled and nodded.

Harry's pov
I can tell she's had one hell of a night at work. After she got on the shower, I grabbed two wine glasses and the most expensive bottle I had and walked in my room. I sat everything on the table I had in my room. It was against the glass window that over looked Chicago. I poured her and myself a glass.


Trayka opened the bathroom door to find me already drinking my glass and holding hers. She was drying her hair as she stared. She was wearing a little pink tank top, no bra and a pair of boyfriend panties. Her tattoo peeked out and I smiled.

I handed her the glass. "What's this for?" she asked and I shrugged. "To make you feel better." I replied and she chuckled a bit. "I see. Trying to get me drunk." she smiled and took it. "No love. I don't need to get you drunk." "Uh huh." she smiled and drank a bit.

Trayka took her glass and walked over to the bed and sat. She stared at me and smiled a bit and then hiding it behind the glass. "What?" I asked and she shook her head with raised eyebrows. I walked over to her and sat down staring at her. I smelt her left over perfume from tonight. "I want to take your mind off of what happened tonight." she didn't say anything, she just looked down at the bottom of her glass. "So lets just talk tonight." I said. She nodded, "About?" I smirked and stared at her chest seeing if I could possibly see something. Her finger pulled my chin up a bit and I saw her grinning. "Eyes up here, Styles." I smiled and shrugged "Sorry." she giggled and took another sip.

I stared at her her beautiful body. How could any guy not keep their hands off this beautiful girl. "Tell me when a boy first touched you." Her head shot around and she bursted into giggles. "Seriously?" I nodded "Yep." "17." She replied and I raised my eyebrows "Beat you." I took a sip of my wine and she narrowed her eyes and a smile appeared. "You're so smug." I chuckled and nodded. "Then how old were you when a girl first touched you?" "16." she snorted and held in her laughter. "It was with an older women." "Ugh." she was disgusted by that. "Sorry it wasn't by you!" I smiled and she shook her head. "Doesn't bother me that it wasn't." I smiled and took a drink.

3 hours later:

Trayka and I began slow dancing in our room. The song "Brave" by Tawgs Salter was playing softly in the background. She was pretty drunk by this time.

"I don't know what I'm going to do, Harry." she sobbed as my hand ran through her hair. "We'll figure it out." I said in her ear. Her arms were wrapped around me so tight as we danced. For a moment, it felt too good to even be real. I was falling in love with a girl who've I've really only known for about 4 hours now. It's been awhile since we met at the club, but I liked her a lot.

A thought came to mind so quickly. "I'll pretend to be your husband." I said into her neck. There was silence for a moment. I think I probably scared her saying that. "I'll protect you and that little baby girl from this." I heard her sniffle and she loosened her arms a bit around me. "When it comes to you keeping her, I'll help you." her arms released me and she looked at me with tears flooding her hazel eyes. "I'll even get you out of stripping, love." I wiped her tears as soon as they hit. "I will get you a job doing something. It will help though."

A smile came across her beautiful face. "Why are you doing this?" I smiled and shrugged "I care about you guys." I looked into her eyes and she looked down smiling. She bit her lip "Is there a way to say thank you?" she asked seductively as her hand went down my pants and her fingertips ran up it. I smiled and grabbed her arm. "Not that way love." she looked at me a bit confused. She was drunk and I didn't want to take advantage of that. She probably won't remember this. I put her hand down and she looked at me confused. 

"Do you not want me to?" I looked at her and shook my head. "I do. But you don't have to do that for me." she looked kind of shocked that I would say that to her. "Every other guy I've been with made me thank them that way." I sighed nd felt bad for her. Those relationships must of been terrible and terrifying for her. I couldn't even imagine. 

"I wouldn't make you thank me that way." I said stroking her face. "You're a women and a beautiful one. I wouldn't ever hurt you." I smiled at her and she smiled a bit back. This would be the most perfect time to tell her how I felt. Her being drunk, wouldn't remember. 

"I'm tired." she said letting go and walking towards the bed. I followed close behind and helped her into it. I covered her up and the sat at the edge by her. She stared at me and I stared  back. "What love?" I asked her. "Will you really get me out of stripping?" she asked me and I nodded without hesitation. "I don't know what yet, but I could get you a job at the office. "Like my Secretary." her eyes widened. "You're Secretary? What do you do?" I chuckled. We never really discussed my profession before. "Noting too special. I just work below my dad. He's the CEO of a company and when he goes, I take it over." "Well, now I know how you're so loaded." I smiled and nodded. "I don't think you need a college education for being my Secretary, so we should be fine." she smiled and nodded. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "We'll figure it all out, love. Don't worry." she nodded again and I got up. "Try to get some sleep." I said covering her up more. 

Tomorrow was going to be a long day. I had a fake marriage to plan.

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