Dark Horse (Harry Styles fanfic)

Just going into the club for the night with promises of never getting tied down by a woman, Harry becomes addicted to a dancer there and breaks his promise to himself with a new one. The new promise being, to give this girl everything she wants. She's a cold hearted and he doesn't care. Harry is addicted and wants her all to himself. But he feels she is distant and doesn't feel anything for him and he's desperate for her to.


1. 'Baby Do You Dare To Do This...?'

Dark Horse

'Baby Do You Dare To Do This...?'

Harry's pov


"Zayn, come on. Perrie doesn't even have to know you were here." I said pulling Zayn towards the strip club. "We will only be here for an hour." Zayn relaxed after that. It was his wedding tomorrow and I just wanted to give him one more night out on the town as a free man. As for me, I am a free man and I won't let a girl or women tie me down, simple as that.


We walked into the doors to the strip club, after passing the guards and being checked. I looked around and heard loud music blasting and different colored lights everywhere. It smelt like perfume and alcohol mixed. Zayn stood by my side as I checked out the girls on the poles. There was a blonde on stage grinding on the pole as if it was a real dude. "Damn." I said and walked over to the side of the stage and sat down. Zayn followed and sat down to watch her, too. The stripper took off her top and threw it over the stage and landed on some old guys' lap. 


"This place is kinda nice." Zayn said and I nodded. "Yeah, I come here a lot. I actually came with another group of lads the other night." "Nicest I've ever seen." Zayn said looking around. "Hey honey," I called out to the stripper. I motioned her to come over by me and Zayn. When she did, I leaned up "We have a man here and his wedding is tomorrow." she looked over at Zayn and smiled big. She stood up and shouted "BACHELOR!" she pointed and three more girls came over and pulled him up. Zayn looked back at me as he was on stage, but they were pulling him back to the back. "Good luck, buddy!" I called out and stood up. I walked to the bar and ordered a drink. "Cherry Infused Bourbon" I said and the lady quickly made it up. I just liked the cherry and pineapple on the rim of the drink and it's the only reason I drink it.


I sat down and looked at the new girls that took the place of the girls who took Zayn in the back.  I took a sip of my drink and saw a small little girl walk up beside me and smile at me. "You having fun?" she asked taking my cherry from the rim of my drink. She placed it on the top of her tongue and ate it slowly. She licked her finger and smiled. She was already being a tease, which meant she was doing her job right. "You're beautiful!" I said looking at her soft glittery skin. "Thanks." she climbed on my lap and sat with her hands on my shoulders. I looked down at her stomach and saw a sparrow tattoo on her lower stomach peeping out.


"Nice tattoo." I said and she looked down at it and nodded. "You want to see more?" I found myself nodding instantly. She smiled and grabbed my hand pulling me off my chair and following her. I watched her from behind as she walked, she had long brown hair and a  short little skirt on. Her heels weren't high at all, but she was still short, even with little ones. Her eyes were big and a blueish green. She had a cute belly button ring in and a tongue piercing. So fucking hot.


She brought me to the back and sat me down on the couch. She closed the curtains and climbed on top of me. The song "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry began playing. She stood up, one foot on each side of me and she turned. She slowly bent down and right in my face and I bit my lip. She giggled "You like that, huh?" she asked and I looked at her and nodded. She knelt down at arched her back over me. She grabbed my hands and slowly placed them over her smooth stomach. She lead them down and over her panties and rubbed herself with my hands. "You wanna feel inside?" I breathed out and nodded.


Her hands led mine into her panties and my finger tips ran over her clit. It caused her to moan out and tilt her head back. She pulled her top off with her one hand and my other hand was guided up to her boob. "Squeeze." she demanded and I did. Her head hit my shoulder and her hips moved as she controlled my hand and the other. I looked at her and wanted so badly to kiss her neck. "Does it feel good?" I asked her in her ear. Her eyelids fluttered and she nodded "Mhmm..." I bit my lip and rubbed her harder. "Touch me there." she moved her hand down and slipped my fingers in her wet opening. I fingered her until she told me to stop.


She turned and stared at me. She still sat on my lap and grinded her hips against me. I had to take my hands off of her, until she wanted me to touch her again. I felt myself grow harder and harder to the point where I couldn't take it.


I grabbed her hips and made her grind harder. "Hey," she said trying to take my hands off of her. "let go!" she demanded, but I didn't. I knew I was close and she was doing an awesome job at making me cum. I grinded her hips harder and harder and started bucking my hips like I was fucking her. She started bouncing up and down still trying to get my hands off. "Okay, creep!! Seriously, let go!" she pulled my hands off, but I grabbed her just as my orgasm hit and I held her tightly against me.


I breathed heavily and tried catching my breath. "Did you just cum in your pants?" she asked and I nodded. "You're good at that. I couldn't help it." I breathed. "Can you let go now?" I released her and she got up and I felt myself throbbing below. "What's your name?" she looked at me and wiped herself down with a towel. "Jane." I knew that wasn't her real name. They do that protective thing so guys don't stalk them.


"No it's not." her head shot back around "Excuse me?" I smiled and got up. "Your name is not Jane." I said towering over her. "Why are you so short?" she looked up "Because god made me short. Ask him." she moved back and threw the towel down on the table. "Do you need one?" she asked handing one out to me. "Why aren't you in higher heels then?" I asked.  "Because I would fall and bust my ass." she replied. I laughed at her and she held out her hand. I handed her a $20 dollar bill. "You want this?" I asked and she reached for it. I pulled back and laughed. She sighed and looked at me. "Just because I'm short, you don't have to play with me like this!" I smiled and then handed it to her. She swapped it out of my hand and I took out a $50 dollar bill. I reached for her g-string and put it in and let go. "Hey, don't do that!" she said getting it out.


She pulled on her skirt and stared at me. "You can go now. I'm sure your friend is done." My eyes became big. "Shit! Zayn!!" I looked at her. "I'll see you soon, babe." I smiled and grabbed her chin and she turned away.


"As long as you don't cum in your pants again." she said.

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