Falling Walls [Shingeki no Kyojin]

Yoko Shizuka was born into the life of confinement. A life, subject to simplicity and death. An on going cycle of hiding inside the walls away from the Titans. Humanity entrusts its survival into the Scouting Legion of which Yoko has become a registered member of. How will she cope when her beloved friends and childhood sweetheart arise to the Legion and change all that was...?


3. ~Old Friends

The hissing of the 3DMG engulfed me, as the grapples retracted back to my sides and my feet landed effortlessly to the ground. I stood proud, my chin raised high, flicking my ebony hair back in one swift movement. My hands resided on my hips, which slanted slightly as I became comfortable of my footing. My head snapped over to the Captain by my side and I nodded my respects to his bored gaze before taking a slow look over the last batch of new recruits. 

You poor souls.

I silently thought to myself as an abundance of small, shy, innocent faces met mine. Yet, within the midst of Titan fodder, a few faces seemed bright, alive. Ready. 

"Eren..." I murmured to myself as his determined face was locked on Levi's cold front. My eyes became more interested as they spotted more of my old friends within the crowd. I gasped to myself, causing the Captain to send me a stern stare over his shoulder. I closed my eyes and calmed myself, composing my emotions within me. 



The recruits began attaching a set of 3D Maneuver Gear to each of their waists. My deep emerald eyes couldn't leave my relaxed friends. All I could think of was bread. Cinnamon bread. I bit down on my lip and released a heavy sigh from my chest as I continued to observe them from a distance. 

"You know of these brats?" Captain Levi stood by my side, his arms folded over his chest and his green over coat with the symbolic Wings of Freedom sat off his shoulders. His expression was the usual cold bored stare, his judging eyes surveying his new batch. He tilted his head slightly as he turned to look at me. 

"Perhaps." I answered curtly. My face hardened, not wanting my past to influence their future. Though.. Perhaps it already had. 

"Hmm." He replied, his gaze returning to the eager group that played childishly in the opening. "Tss. That's the shifter one, correct?" His eyes fixed on Eren this time and adrenaline shot through my veins. 

I sighed again and rolled my eyes at his lax in conversational skills. "Indeed Captain." I straightened my back and followed as he began to trudge towards the recruits. Levi walked briskly for a man of such short stature and it forced me to be on my toes constantly. Being his right hand soldier, I must keep up with my master. My lip finally fell from my teeth and I tasted the rusted sensation of blood dash over my tongue. I rubbed at my mouth with the back of my hand and stared at the minority of red liquid that hung there as I continued to walk. It reminded me how easily Eren could change. I couldn't do that to myself, bite through my own hand... It was programmed in my brain as stupid.  I was so immersed in my thoughts that I almost ran straight into my Captain. He called my name and I stopped myself from collision before joining him on his right hand side. 

"Hai!" I called in response and saluted formerly. The recruits copied me and stood to attention as I let my fisted arm fall. 

"Today is initiation. If you're not good enough, you die. Understood?" Levi bleated to the members before him, all willing to serve. They all called my response in chorus and began to shift off to their various superiors for the first lesson. "Any rash actions and I'll kill you, Jaeger." Levi shot his narrowed eyes to Eren who stopped on the spot and saluted him lazily. 

"Yes sir." He muttered, his green orbs darkened by memories the Captain had handed to him. Mikasa waited silently by his side. They trudged off together, a timid Armin awaiting their joining. 

"You kept your promise." I whispered to the wind softly as my former friends took a short glance back in my direction. The words caught in the gust that fluttered my long strands of hair. I looked towards the ground and awaited my next orders. It gnawed at my anxious body when non were delivered. "Orders, Captain?" My face gradually surfaced from the sea of hair that hid it. Levi stood with his back to me, the Wings facing me proudly. 

"Tss. They're all mere children." He spat the words at the ground. I ran a hand through my hair and forced my heavy feet to come closer to my leader. 

"True.. But so was I." I looked over at him with warm eyes. 

"Tss." He took a long look into my open minded expression. "You were an exception." I smiled at the ground as I analyzed his response. 

"And now?" I looked over at him again, eager to reach an answer from him. 

"Still the exceptional one." My eyes blinked in shock. I had been readying myself for his usual insult. I directed my smile over to him. He seemed taken back and recomposed his cold façade. "Don't get used to it brat." I chuckled and gently leaped into the air, firing the 3DMG towards the nearest tree. 




I embraced the speed of the wind through my uniform as I flipped through the air and spun with the new line I fired over the recruits, who gasped in awe as I flew across the sky above them and landed with a slight skid before them once again. 

"Good morning ma'am." The instructor nodded to me and I sent him a nod in response. My eyes hung on Eren and his group by sheer habit and I coughed to release myself. 

"Continue." The instructor dropped his smile and stood tall before the recruits, his hardened act shattered by my arrival. He continued to instruct, as was his job, on how to use the 3DMG. He related to their former Military Training. 

"Hmm.." I listened absently and leaned against the nearest tree. I kicked the tree, feeling the lack of attention aimed my way. A single ripened apple dropped from the canopy accompanied with a few leaves. I caught it with a simple thump and allowed the leaves to fall gracefully around me. I wiped the apple on my leg, taking a glance at the oblivious instructor, before taking a loud bite into the fruit. I chewed with a nonchalant look adorning my face. The instructor took a glance behind him as a few students gasped to their friends. I liked playing superior. 

The instructor choked on his words as I sent him an extremely bored look. He gathered his thoughts. "Off you go!" I looked up towards the canopy of the tree which I had just pillaged. I only regained a sense of awareness when a timid cough sounded to my left. I snapped out of my reverie and sent the kid to the floor upon instinct. He held his hands up in surrender and let out whimpering pleas for me to spare his life. I released my clutch on the boy and took another bite of my apple before handing him it. The confused look he gave the half eaten apple was almost the same as mine. A small group of kitted up individuals stood before me. 

"Yes?" I asked as I dusted myself off. 

"You're our teacher ma'am." A blonde boy, Armin, piped up from beside Eren. Oh great, not only had he forgotten me, I was now addressing him on his appearance. I let out an annoyed sigh and rolled my eyes before sending a deathly stare towards a smug looking Levi. I narrowed my eyes in frustration and motioned for my small group to follow me towards the taller ferns in the area. I hate you Captain.




I hung upside down from a tall tree as a mouse like girl with her hair in a long plait hung in a tangle. She whined loudly and screeched every time a branch snapped. I was becoming tired of this now. I glanced over at the shouting group, where Eren was quarreling with an over protective, very capable Mikasa, while Armin sat opposite Reiner on the ground. I dropped from my tree, shooting my hooks forward whilst in mid air to swing forward and unhook the incapable minor from her trapped state. She screamed as she began to fall to the ground. 

"Shut the hell up!" I screamed myself, swinging back to loop her thin waist over my arm. I dumped her arse first on the ground, causing her friends to run to her aid. I sent my hooks towards my friend group, if I could really call them that. My cloak fluttered up in the wind along with my hair as I jumped down to the edge of the group. 

I retracted the wires and begun to walk towards them. Slowly, each head turned to face me. Starting with the outer circle, the unaware Armin looked up awaiting an order, whilst Reiner spat at the ground before my feet. I paused before continuing towards the others. Mikasa stood silently with her hair shielding her eyes as she took a verbal beating by her adoptive brother. 

"Eren... Mikasa..." I said with a sad smile. Mikasa slowly took in the woman before her and snuffed out my existence with a flip of her hair. I dropped my shoulders as the act of right hand became too large to bare. My hands fidgeted with each other as I trembled slightly. 

"Please! Stop this! I-I..." A small well of tears formed in my large eyes as I recalled how lonely I was. How hurt it felt for your friends to abandon you. My glistening eyes looked at Eren's turned back and gripped his shoulder. "You kept your promise." I said with a slight hiccup as I forced down my sobs. Thank whoever may be watching over my broken life that Captain Levi was not watching me right now. 

Eren turned with shock filling his wide eyes as he too began to tear slightly. "Yoko...Shizuka..." A smile crept over his lips and caused me to begin smiling too. Eren battered my hand from his shoulder, but before the hurt could fill me, he encased me in a tight hug, his arms holding my body tightly as he shook slightly from the sobs he released into my shoulder. The smile I wore stretched up into my eyes and I latched onto his tall body. 

"Eren! Eren!" I called happily as he accepted me once again. 

"Yoko?" Armin's light voice questioned as he came to his feet and joined the hug. "How could I not see? After all this time!" Armin's weak arms circled my back and I looked over at Mikasa as her harsh gaze began to soften. I released one of my arms and opened my right to her as the sparkle of fresh warm tears left a salty trail over my cheeks. She dropped her act and ran into the hug accepting all three of us. Soon enough we began laughing, my tears drying on Eren's uniform as we released each other. 

I spun on my heel to the now stood Reiner. He just looked down on me with disappointment. Maybe we'll never be friends. My slumped shoulders tightened as I wiped away any trace of tears. 

"Hey, don't go all superior on us now." Eren playfully smirked at me as he punched my arm. I chuckled, finding a small escape in which I could be the innocent girl I had left back in Shiganshina. We all headed off on the gear, heading to HQ for dinner. Heading to our new home.


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