Falling Walls [Shingeki no Kyojin]

Yoko Shizuka was born into the life of confinement. A life, subject to simplicity and death. An on going cycle of hiding inside the walls away from the Titans. Humanity entrusts its survival into the Scouting Legion of which Yoko has become a registered member of. How will she cope when her beloved friends and childhood sweetheart arise to the Legion and change all that was...?


2. ~Morning

Adorned along the roof tops of Scouting Legion's hidden HQ, I lay fully equipped. Even down to the 3D Maneuver Gear strapped around my waist, the leather straps snaking around my legs comfortably. I simply laid there, my clothes beginning to soak with the drizzling rain. A large droplet that had been welling on the tile above me, slapped and splattered on my face. I let it roll over the curve of my cheek with no energy to remove it. Soon enough it dawned on me that the sunrise was near. With a long deep sigh, I shattered my reverie and woke from my memories. Wiping away the raindrop from my face, my back facing the rising sun. I already knew the sight I was ignoring too well for this morning routine was a familiar one. The yellow orb like sun, peering through the forest of tall conifers... It became sickeningly repetitive to me. The warmth of the rays hit the back of my uniform, the wings of freedom printed there slowly began to dampen and dry. I smiled, my eyelids falling closed and my arms spread wide. My cold numb body warmed and the 3DMG became eager at my hips. The smile became a happy smirk as I took a backwards step. My body tried to steady itself as my heel balanced on the edge tile.

"Good morning to another day." I whispered into the warming air, the mist forming before my face as the words escaped my lips still reminded me of the cold night I had just indured. Yet another deep sigh filtered out of me. Waiting for my shadow to appear was such a tiresome morning rule. 

Just a little.. more!

The slim elegant shadow of my figure appeared from the soles of my feet, disjointed by the tiling. My smile only widened as it was final time to start the day off early. My balancing heels gave way as I dived from the roof of the castle we called home, unable to conceal the yelps of glee as I fell from what seemed like the sky, my long hair fluttering in front of me, encasing me in a wall of deep brown. I laughed loudly into the early morning as I continued to free fall past the new recruits windows, the Captain's and Commander Erwin's windows. I arched my back and spread my arms wide. The wings of freedom printed on my back my support. The top flapped in the wind my fall generated, I watched with happiness seeping from my body, as the new recruits screamed and panicked from the top roof as the witnessed me fall. A sly smirk spread ovr my lips as I fired the wires of the 3DMG and swung around the castle with ease, the spins and twirls of a professional user. I landed gracefully in the stable yard, my happiness present over my face and now woken body. The horses whinnied with shock as the human appeared before them, I flicked back my long hair and began strutting into the HQ. 

Oh what a good morning it is.




I bumped into the queue for soup purposely. I smiled an apology at the shy recruit behind me unfortunate to loose his place and began my usual conversation with Levi. His blatant bored stare sent a cold aura out to the new recruits who feared being part of his squad. I raised my head with pride as I found myself in that squad, and may I say, it might well be the best squad around. 

I couldn't hate Captain Levi, I mean, how could you hate the guy who gave you immediate access to the most world renowned Legion in all the Walls?

"Morning Captain." I twirled the boll I had acquired over my finger before slipping it under my arm. 

"Indeed." The Captain held out his bowl awaiting the tasteless fill. His cold stare fell on me while he waiting patiently. "How is your morning today then?" He kept up the uninterested act and casually leant against the end of the table as I received my morning ration. 

"Refreshing." I said whilst indulging in the warm liquid with my index finger. 

"As always it would seem." He replied coldly handing me a spoon. I spun it through my cold, numbed fingers and followed Levi to the higher subordinates table. I folded my legs and felt the absence of the 3DMG from my sides. I sighed and dug into the cooling soup. The bland taste began to put a downer on my beautiful morning. 

"Last batch of new meat today Yoko, you taking first shift?" Auruo the cockiest of the group winked at me and chuckled to himself. I rolled my eyes and rested my chin in my palm, propped up sluggishly with my elbow. 

"Elbows off the table." Levi spoke frm beside up from beside me.

"No." His eyes darted over to me.

"Do as you're told." He stated, narrowing his eyes at my refusal. 

"Yeah Shizuka, you're Levi's bitch-" Insert billowing laughter and smirks from listening members-"his 'right hand' as you claim!" Auruo continued to laugh, I simply glared until they all were choked of breath. The Captain simple sipped at his coffee and insisted again.

"Off the table Yoko." He slurped as silently as he could and I turned to him with a teasing look in my eyes.

"No." I slammed both elbows down on the table, the sound echoing through the hall. Levi's eyes almost burst from their sockets as the whole of the Scouting Legion took glances towards our petty quarreling. He grumbled and then knocked my hands from the table, I reacted and blocked his next hook. We rose to our feet, our usual morning showdown about to happen.

"There they go again." Petra complained with her head between her hands. I chuckled lightly and threw my arm over Levi's shoulders. I sighed and admitted defeat, the general salute with our fists over our chest became my escape and I awaited the lecture on my immaturity and stupidity, but it didn't come. 

"Just eat something. You can take first shift with the recruits with me today." I smiled and sat beside him again. A smirk played on his face as I reached my seat again. "And then you can clean all my room for disobedience."

I rolled my eyes, causing them to ache in their sockets and accepted the reality of another, long day ahead of me.




Finally... Finally.. Finally. I stepped onto the grounds of the Scouting Legion HQ. A large hiden castle awaited before me, it was finally time to start what I had been training for.

Soon every one of them will perish under my blade. 

"Keep on walking!" The blonde bobble head known as Armin pushed and pulled at my arm as I walke with my friends to our new home. Mikasa pulled up the red scarf I had given to her all those years ago,up over her face. I smiled softly and neared the door. 

"Where do you think you brats are heading?" A short guy stood before us to our left, his 3DMG strapped to his waist and the green cape adorned with the Freedom Wings was fitted neatly over his shoulders. His eyes pierced through me especially. "Eren Jaeger." He spat at me, his eyes bore into my chest and I saluted accordingly.

"Present sir!" Amrin copied me with shy, shaking hands, Mikasa just stood proud as usual, my parrot and protector as it were. 

"Indeed." He replied with no emotion. My salute slacked slightly until the superior escorting called for Assembly and we repeated the salute for the arrival of another member of the Scouting Legion.

She swung in effortlessly on the 3DMG, he long dark locks waved slightly in the wind as she landed on her feet and stood proudly beside the Captain. 

It was Yoko. 








A/N: Okay then! Yep. I'm a weird little one for this stuff. 
I may not follow the original plot as much but I will try to keep the story:')
Lets here disclaim Shingeki no Kyojin to its rightful owners, owning only my OC.

Enjoy Turtles!



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