Falling Walls [Shingeki no Kyojin]

Yoko Shizuka was born into the life of confinement. A life, subject to simplicity and death. An on going cycle of hiding inside the walls away from the Titans. Humanity entrusts its survival into the Scouting Legion of which Yoko has become a registered member of. How will she cope when her beloved friends and childhood sweetheart arise to the Legion and change all that was...?


5. ~Just the Usual

You're worthless. You never were no good. You will never be good enough, you'll only get us killed.

"No!" I shouted, raising up from a painful sleep. A hand shot over my mouth and I immediatelty held my breath. My eyes remainded wide as I found the Captain to be focused on something to my right. I pried his cold fingers from my lips and slowly followed his gaze. Mere meters from where my body had been sleeping, was a 3 meter and 6 meter class pair of Titans. They ignored the peaceful horses at their feet and scanned over the clearing with that dumbfounded look they held. I clenched my jaw and crouched on the balls of my feet.

"Be quiet." Captain Levi simply ordered, his hands twitching slightly over the swords at his hips. I pushed a strand of hair away from my eyes slowly and kept low, eyeing how far away the Titans were from the horses. I reached from my 3DMG, only to come up blank. 


I glanced over at Levi again and remembered how he'd first taught me how to use the gear. I sighed, but swallowed the sound as he sent an unamused glare over his shoulder at me. His eyes flickered down to my hips and he closed them, trying to contain a level of frustration. 

"Where is your gear, Shizuka?" He asked nonchalantly. His tone was so calm that even though it was a whisper, I could understand clearly every word he said. 

"Gomen.. Heihcou.. I.. I.." He dropped his gaze and focused on the wandering Titans once more. I found comfort in the silence and swallowed my fear. I wasn't scared of Levi.

"They're leaving." He came to his feet and I watched as the Wings of Freedom crest became visable on the back of his cloak. I tugged at the hood of my own cloak, aware I had drawn it when I had laid to rest. I also came to my feet by his side placing a hand loosely on my hip as he surveyed with folded arms. The sunlight that filled the clearing we were on the edge of, began to shine over our boots, creeping slowly up our bodies, the top half of which still remained in shadow. "Let us return. You can clean the upper quarters for your punishment." I rolled my eyes as the short soildier paced into the sunlight and towards to gulf of the clearing. 

"I hate you." I retorted with a huff. He looked over his shoulder to watch me enter the clearing. I smiled as the warmth of the sunlight hit me and the peaceful world outside the walls became evermore familiar. 

"Good." Was all he replied with, continuing to make sure his horse was saddled up correctly and that not a speck of dirt had come into contact to the reins. I chuckled lightly and patted the nuzzle of the mare before scratching the face of my own horse. My trusted stallion nudged my chest and snorted happily when I ruffled his mane. Levi watched me absently with his usual bored stare, I ignored him purposely and clutched the reins of the horse and rose into the saddle with ease. My Captain did the same and helf his posture tight in the saddle, the horse tugging against the tightened reins. "Come." He called, though I was at his side. Kicking his heels into the horse's sides, Captain Levi began to gallop towards the exit of the clearing. I patted the horse I had saddled on the neck before mimicking the Captain and gaining an equal speed as we reached the end of treeline.

Or 'big ass trees' as the almight Heichou proclaimed.

I laughed to myself and soon found myself riding with a soft smile grazing my lips. The thunk of horseshoes on the Earth beneath us was soothing, a sound I loved to hear, even in the midst of battle. I tasted the cooling breeze that encircled me as I sped onward, the sweet, clean air something many Wall dwellers would never get to experience. Levi pressed his horse faster and I regretably did the same. Though it was their job, I found the pressure placed on the military horses was sometimes too great. I believe if we treated them with the level of respect we had for our fellow comrades, equal trust would be placed in the beast and the rider. The horses were our only escape, there was no other way to out run a Titan. 

Unless you became a Titan like Eren, then well. 

I recapped everything the Captain had told me. Unfortunately for me, I had been late to the Court when Eren had been beaten by Captain Levi. What I would have given to see that. I heard it was enough to change the head's choice completely. I sighed to myself and tried to reiterate to myself that the old friend I knew and loved was, in simple terms, the enemy. 

I know he was helping us and I mean, it's Eren we're talking about, until revenge is found, he will not be satisfied. I just hope this new found power will aid us in making a move towards securing humanity's fight against the Titans.

"Tree line up ahead." Levi muttered to me, I took the opportunity to take a look at him. The man I placed all of my energy into, the man, however short, humans placed their last bits of hope into. He was our savior. I hope.

"Be extra vigilent." I answered, aware I'd been idolising him again. This is my job, I need to stay alert. My eyes skimmed the area ahead and I listened over the thump from the horses hooves and the rattle of Levi's 3DMG for the signs of any Titans in the vacinity. The Captain's cobalt eyes shot over to me at his side, but soon focused on the path ahead. 

That's always his goal. The path ahead. 






We headed for the closest Wall, having arrived at HQ and finding it mostly empty. I felt weary, this trek had the most open spaces, and with the absence of my own 3DMG, Captain Levi would be the equipment for us both. My nerves began to calm as the Wall began to loom ever closer. 

"Not far now Levi!" I called behind me as Levi upheld his stern and calm exterior. I sat up on my horse and gently pushed him faster. Not far now. I recalled the phrase over and over, feeling inadequate without my swords at my hips. 

"Titan." Levi's cool voice pierced through my happiness as he sped up to come neck to neck with my own horse. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the 4 meter Titan sat on the floor come to his feet. Shit.

"Have you got this?" I turned to him with the same bored expression he usually sent me. 

"Haven't I always?" He retorted with a hint of anger in his reply. I ignored his reply and watched in awe as he jumped from the galloping thoroughbred and latched onto the ruins of a village that used to be part of the great Walls. Turning effortlessly in the air, he sped in front of the Titan, catching its gaze. The slow limbs of the 4 meter were nothing compared to Levi's effortless speed. He twirled around the back of the Titan and sheered the flesh from its neck, causing the brute to collapse. Dead. I smiled to myself as he fell back into the seat of his saddle and wiped away excess steaming blood from his face. 

"Tss, what a nuisence." He stated, before sending a flare up into the air, and signalling for the gates to be opened upon our entry. Sure enough, the heafty sound of rotating cogs could be heard as the gates lifted and we passed into the Walls security again. I admired the last of freedom outside the Wall, before cantering into the cobbled roads. I'm sure I'll be sent out there again soon enough.

"Captain Levi, sir!" A young member of the Garrison ran up towards Levi's speeding steed and he watched with timid eyes as the horse reared up in front of him.

"What is it, brat?" Levi answered after regaining control of his horse. I smirked at the young boy at the feet of our horses and he stammered slightly with both pairs of eyes piercing into him. 

"The Commander, Commander Erwin sir, he's requested for you upon your immediate return." The boy saluted, obviously unaware of any details. I continued to smile slyly and nodded to Levi, both of us kicking our horses forward, I guess I was right.

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