Love story

Hi guys my names Emma and this is my first ever movella it's about Niall Horan and Emma Jessica Rose(me) love life hope u enjoy thank u xxx:)


6. Chapter 6

I woke up and found both of our heads on the pillow and I slowly got out of bed trying to not wake up Niall and I went to have a wash when I got out I found that my clothes were already picked out for me and layed neatly on the bed and I asked niall who did it and he said he did he really was a gentlemen he came up and kissed me on the cheek his lips were so soft and it felt like heaven I got dressed and asked Niall what we were going to do today he said I don't really know so we went and met the rest downstairs here come the love birds said Louis and we all laughed and Niall kissed me and this time I kissed him back I asked what we were doing today as I was eating my breakfast and Zayn shouted I have an idea so we all were dying to here it he said let's go ice skating and we all thought it was a brilliant idea so I went back upstairs to get on a coat and so did Niall we came back down and we were all ready for the day. When we got there w all took our skates and went on the ice ring I gotta admit it was pretty difficult but I got the hang of it at the end it was getting late and we had been skating for hours but as I was going round I slipped on the Ice and Niall came to help me up but he just fell on top of me and a second  later all of us were gathered on top of each other bursting out laughing it was the best. Time I have had in ages I said and with that we packed up and were ready to go. As we were getting int the car Niall said that he was hungry and we all mumbled yeh so we went to a cafe near by the ice ring and got some food I sat in the middle of Niall and Harry with Louis next to him and Gem at the end and on the other side was Liam Lilly Daisy and Zayn the food was lovely and It was now 10'oclock so we went straight up to be bed and when we were there we got changed and jumped in bed I kissed Niall and said Gudnyt and he did the same answer fell asleep.

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