Love story

Hi guys my names Emma and this is my first ever movella it's about Niall Horan and Emma Jessica Rose(me) love life hope u enjoy thank u xxx:)


5. Chapter 5

Me and Niall rushed downstairs to tell everyone the news and it was amazing everyone was so happy 4 us my friends just kept on hugging me and congratulating me I was just speechless. I really wanted to ask if Niall and the boys wanted to move in with us as they did say that they had to stay in a rubbish hotel but with that would my friends be okay with it but what if he said no or what if he wanted to but his friends didn't ? I should stop thinking so negative I thought to myself so I blurred it out and they all agreed and acted like it was the best idea ever I was so happy. so with that they went and registered out of there hotel and got there stuff to move in with us and obviously now me and Niall were GF and BF we shared a room together that night I went to brush my teeth and I heard Nialls footsteps come up and he came in the room and started changing not realising that I was actually just in the bathroom so as I walked out he blushed but it was o cute so i quickly turned round and apologised and he said it was cool so we got in bed night babe I said and he said it back and with that we were fast asleep. 

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