Love story

Hi guys my names Emma and this is my first ever movella it's about Niall Horan and Emma Jessica Rose(me) love life hope u enjoy thank u xxx:)


4. Chapter 4

Oooowwwww I cried and instantly the girls ran over to me to ask me what happened I think I twisted my ankle I cried but we didn't bring a car so there was no way that u could walk Lilly protested when I heard the same Irish voice I heard at the restraunt I will carry you it said and all of our faces turned round to see who it was it was Niall so he did what he said and he carried me all the way bak to our house and I thanked him so much and asked him if he and the boys wanted to stay over for dinner and he thankfully agreed so we ordered pizza and all 9 of us ate it after that we were so full and my ankle was still hurting. Then Daisy asked if the boys wanted to stay over and they all agreed anyways they were staying in a rubbish hotel anyway so we all got up I was sort of struggling which Niall could see so he got me up and carried me to my room I thanked him again and asked if he wanted to sleep in with me for the night instead of sharing with a 3 so he said yes that would be lovely and with that we got changed I got changed in the bedroom and he got changed on the bathroom the next day I woke up  and saw that Niall was awake and he was I think texting on his phone as I woke I rubbed my eyes and said good morning and with that I went into the shower when I got out I was in a purple flowered dress with white bowed sandals. When I turned round I saw that Niall was going to say something but he was nervous to but he said it anyway Emma will you be my girlfriend he said o was astonished he was so handsome and he was asking ME to be HIS girlfriend I shouted YES and he came up to me to hug me and with that I hugged him back. this was the best day of my life!!!!!!!

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