Love story

Hi guys my names Emma and this is my first ever movella it's about Niall Horan and Emma Jessica Rose(me) love life hope u enjoy thank u xxx:)


3. Chapter 3

When we got home it was quite late so we all just went off to bed as soon as I entered my bedroom I went to the bathroom to have a quick was so I jumped into the shower when u was finished I dried my hair out and put it up where it was out of my way and got my clothes to get dressed I felt on wearing an all in one so that's what I did it was a very girly all in one it was pink with hearts and a hoodie I felt really tired after the night so I went into bed where I dozed off. It was 9'oclock and I was awoken to the sound of my loud twin bell alarm clock so like every other day I walked into the bathroom that was connected to my bedroom and I sorted my hair out got dressed put my makeup on and went downstairs for breakfast the other girls were already there so I joined them with my normal toast and egg with orange juice we all finished up and decided that we would go to the mall today as we all wanted to so the day was set. When I finished I went up to my bedroom and packed my phone and my money into my handbag I got on my shoes today I was wearing my pink ruffle top with skinny jeans and a pair of baby pink flats which matched my top I walked downstairs and saw the girls waiting for me come on then I said and we all left off we decided to walk as it wasn't to far. When we reached their we saw ahuge shop   full of clothes jewellery shoes everything you could possibly imagine so we had to go inside we all brought a lot of things I had 5 bags full the other girls were still shopping so I sat down on the chairs waiting for them but as I was walking I tripped on the leg of the chair and hurt my ankle real bad.

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