The brief incounter

This is a prelude to a bigger story i am currently writing.

Yonhar lives in the Underwood far below the ground. He is the son of Turhar which means on his twenty second birthday he will become a priest of the forest. Its every young mans dream apart from him but with his twenty second birthday still far away he as plenty of time to worry about other things.

And please leave comments on how i am doing it would really help. Thanks


3. Slaughter

"What is it?" Krathwren asked still looking at the corpse in front of them. There was no answer. She looked round.                                           "Yonhar?" but he was gone.


His leather boots slapped hard on the cobbles. His gaze was set firmly on the creature in front of him.There was noise ringing in his ears. he couldn't quite think what it was. His crimson hair wiped in his face. He blew it out. In the back his mind another thought fizzed For a spider it moves quite fastBut not as fast as him. He was gaining. Slowly but surely, gaining. Then it did something no normal animal should be able to do.

It disappeared.

No flash.

No smoke.

Just gone.

Skidding to a halt he doubled over panting. After the got his breath back he looked around. Then it stuck him. The noise. It was someone yelling. Someone yelling for mercy. No not someone, his father.He turned to the noise and ran. Without really noticing he reached for his knife. But it was gone. Damn! I used it on the first one. He turned the last corner and the smell hit him like a wall. The smell of death. Then came the sight of the carnage. Blood splatted everywhere. some black, most red. Bodies laying lifeless on the ground. It only took on second for the beasts to spot him. They turned as one. 80 eyes stared into his. This is when his adrenalin finally ran out and his courage failed. Turning with all the speed left in him he ran. He ran until he left the village. He ran straight into the trees. The first birch he saw he climbed up. At the first branch able to hold him he settled into his usual place. Sleep took him in minutes.            

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