The brief incounter

This is a prelude to a bigger story i am currently writing.

Yonhar lives in the Underwood far below the ground. He is the son of Turhar which means on his twenty second birthday he will become a priest of the forest. Its every young mans dream apart from him but with his twenty second birthday still far away he as plenty of time to worry about other things.

And please leave comments on how i am doing it would really help. Thanks


2. conversations cut short

Krathwren stepped out in to the cold night. "I am the only one who doesn't mind the cold" she thought out loud.

"Yes I think you are" Yonhar voiced from the shadows. She spun so fast her golden hair almost slapped him in the face.

 "Look at the state of your boots. What would you do without me" Kneeling down she began to wipe the mud off his leather shoes. "I'm like your mothe-" she stopped realising it was a soar subject. Yonhar's face dropped but regained himself quickly.

"Its alright"

" it isn't. I'm sorry" she went in for a hug but he pulled away. "I understan-"

He cut her off "Did you hear that?"


"Like a clicking sound"

"No i didn't hear anything" Then she saw that he was pulling a short dagger out of his belt.

"on the roof"  he mouthed silently. Se looked up. Her gaze was caught on a sight she would never forget. Her eyes were locked with those of a giant spider. She couldn't scream. She couldn't move. There was a whizzing noise as Yonhar's knife lodged its-self in the creatures skull.




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