Moving On

Lexie and her mum (Rosie) end up moving to a new house after Lexie's dad passed away. She finds out that her neighbours are not like her old ones and there is something odd about them.


3. The neighbour next door

I sat there listening to mum and what she so desperately wanted to tell me. "Hello chuckie. Guess what I witnessed today when I was sorting the garden weeds out?" Before I could reply she had already started speaking again,. "A girl and a boy your age that live next door! They're twins and they go to your new school and they're also in your year!" She was getting really excited. "The girls name is Lauren, but I didn't have chance to hear the boys name. He was a right hotty though!"                          Did my mum actually just call a boy old enough to be her son a 'hotty'? Just thinking of it made me feel sick. "Mum! Please don't call boys my age hotties, and I have already told you that I don't want to make friends because they will not like me."                                                                                                  Slowly she spoke, "Calm down. I was only messing around with you. But I do need some groceries for the fridge and flowers for the garden." She said with a mischievous look on her face and then continued. " So I thought that if I gave you my shopping list and my car keys you could go next door and ask where the..."  I quickly interrupted her at that point while trying to swallow my food, there is no way I was going next door."I think that I already know where the shops are already. Anyway they can't be that hard to find." I had to quickly say before she could interrupt me. "Okay then. I will go and get my shopping list and money while you get ready to go. You can use my car but don't get it scratched!" she yelled after me as I went to get ready.

When I finally reached my bedroom I decided to put my flip-flops on, skinny jeans and geeky top on. After I decided that I looked good enough to go shopping I grabbed the car keys, money and shopping list off the side of the window and made my way to the front door. "Bye mum!" I yelled up the stairs to her. "Lexie, I forgot to say that if you see any flowers for the garden jut buy them with the leftover money. The garden looks too dull." She yawned. When I finally got out of the front door, I was glad that I had made the decision to put my geeky top on with skinny jeans because it was sunny but not that warm. I casually walked to the car and stopped to look at the front garden to see what I could do with it to make it look better. That was when I saw him. I was gob-smacked. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the beautiful boy from next door. He was only wearing shorts and was standing in the doorway of his house. He looked way older than 16 years old and that is my age. He had long black wavy hair that sweeped across his forehead.  Looking like a idiot just stood looking at the garden I decided that I really needed to go to do the shopping. Opening the door on the car I quickly smiled at him and then raced off .

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