Moving On

Lexie and her mum (Rosie) end up moving to a new house after Lexie's dad passed away. She finds out that her neighbours are not like her old ones and there is something odd about them.


2. Moving On

Lexie's P.O.V

I examined the growing mountain boxes in my new bedroom, wondering when the internet will be hooked up. Not being able to shop on-line was like missing a part of my brain. I've been living here with my mum now for three days, and there is still nothing to do. I got up yo look through the growing pile of cardboard boxes just as my mum yelled up the stairs, "Lexie, your tea is ready!" I dropped the mobile phone charger that I had just found and raced down the wooden stairs; it had been ages since I had ate a proper cooked meal after my dad had died.

My mums name is Rosie but she likes to be called Rose. When I walked into the bare, spooky kitchen i finally found out what she had made. It was our favourite meal ; meat and potato pie with chips and gravy. She stood at the table putting drinks on it with flour in her long, blond curly hair. I wish that I looked more like her. She has dark grey eyes, a perfect figure and lovely long hair. She could make any type of clothing look good, unlike me. She keeps on trying to get me to speak to people my age for the new term of my new school, but I don't want to. 

In California at my old school I was never one of the popular ones in my school. I was always the girl that would sit at the back of the classroom in a corner where I wouldn't get noticed. I was never anything like all the other girls. I have pale skin, long brown wavy hair, crystal blue eyes and I was always more curvy than the other girls in my year.  Now I am in a new school in Bozeman in Montana, and there are only a few houses near us. As I went to get a knife and fork, I knew that mum would go on about making friends before I started school. Before I had even had the chance to speak, she had already started talking about it.



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