I love you too... (Completed)

Katlinn has a past with the boys of One Direction. Because of one of them she is a heartbreaker. Because of one of them she was pregnant. And when they meet again she isn't sure what will happen next. Will she be able to trust him again. Will she be able to care again. One thing is sure. She is still truly, madly, deeply in love with that guy.

Cover made by: @Megan_Aurea


11. Running away

Katlinn's P.O.V.

I don't know why I am in this plane. I don't know where the plane is going to land. 'Please fasten your seat belts. We're about to land in 10 minutes.' I hear. Great, just great. Now I still don't know where I am. I hear a voice behind me. "Sweety, wake up. We're about to land in Los Angeles in 10 minutes." Los Angeles. I am going to Los Angeles. I need to go back to England. I never mend to fly this far. Oh, how I wish Megan was here with me. No, Katlinn you made the right decision by leaving her behind. i fasten my seat belt and put some gum in my mouth to keep my ears from plopping. In 10 minutes we are landed. When I walk outside I bump in to somebody. "Omg, I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" I look at the face of the boy. Fuck. Not him. Please let it not be him. "Katlinn. I knew you would come back for me." Ferdinand says. He pulls me up from the ground and pulls me in to the man's bathroom. In a toilet. "Ferdinand, I am NOT here for you. If you would LET ME GO I would like that." But his grip only become tighter. He lays his hand over my mouth. Not so smart. Doesn't he remembers this from the last time? I see his dark eyes turn in to shock when he removes his hand from my mouth. "You better didn't just do that." He whispers angry. "Yup, i did just bite your hand." I push to the side and walk out. But he grabs my hand and pulls me back in. Wrong choice. He all ready had me angry. Now I was furious. I grab his hand, turn it around, put my leg around one of his and pull him done. He falls with a loud *boom* with his head in the toilet. A loud crack is coming from his arm. It hangs in a strange corner next to his body. I stand up from the ground and walk out."What are you looking at? Never saw a girl puns a boy before? He is blacked out by the way." With that words I walk out. My bags are standing outside the bathroom. My purse is still in it so I walked to the counter. "A ticket to New York, please?" She handed me the ticket and i handed her the money. 'Last people on board for the flight to New York please. I repeat. Last people on board for the flight to New York please.' Running with your bags in your hand is heavy, but I catch my plane on time. Now I just have to find out what to do in those 3 hours. I text to Megan. 


Megan's P.O.V.

*Beep Beep* I look at my phone. It's a text message. 


Incoming text message from: Katlinn :D

I am in America. Guess who I met again. He is laying blacked out in the man bathroom. Oh yeah, I met him in Los Angeles. It is that guy that raped and abused me. But I am alright. -XX- Katlinn


"Guys! Be quiet! I got a text of Katlinn." They all fall quiet. "You have her phone number?" Lou asks. "Yes. Niall has it too. No. You don't get it. DON'T TOUCH MY CARROTS!" First I talked normal, but than I saw he had MY carrots in his hands I yelled at him. Nobody touches my carrots. Even Katlinn couldn't touch them. Haz starts to laugh. "Told ya that you would get that reaction Lou. She didn't even let Katlinn touch them." Everybody starts to laugh. But they look at me like I am crazy when I scream "FERDINAND!" "Our names are Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry. You know that right?" Harry jokes. "Yes, I know that. No this isn't funny. You don't know Ferdinand. And if she met Ferdinand again... I know where she is! She is in Los Angeles!" I see Nialls head go up. He does know Ferdinand. "Ferdinand? Isn't that one of her ex-boyfriends? The one that cheated on her, raped her and abused her? The one after Louis broke her hart with his stupid head." I just nod. "He din't only raped her. His friends paid him to let them sleep with her He pushed her to do that. She is raped so many times. Because of him she has her anger issues." I have tears in my eyes. Katlinn is so strong and is bin trough so much. I look at Lou."You have to know Lou. She had a twin. One was from you. And one from a stranger that couldn't get his hands of her." Lou looks sad. "I should have protect her. I should have bin there for her. I am such an idiot." "Lou. I can't do anything else than say I that I completely agree with you about the idiot part. But you couldn't protect her. This would have happen. You would be dead if you where there. I had the luck that I was a girl and that Katlinn could knock him done before he walked to me." Now I start to cry. "Katlinn isn't the only one who is torn." Of course when I say that the radio starts to play Torn. It is just so hilarious that I start to laugh. "We have to find her. And I got a feeling that I know where she is going to next." All the boys look at me. "Where?" Niall asks. "New York" 

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