I love you too... (Completed)

Katlinn has a past with the boys of One Direction. Because of one of them she is a heartbreaker. Because of one of them she was pregnant. And when they meet again she isn't sure what will happen next. Will she be able to trust him again. Will she be able to care again. One thing is sure. She is still truly, madly, deeply in love with that guy.

Cover made by: @Megan_Aurea


3. I just put my thumps up

(A/N I really don't want to break up the real couples, so this are fake one. I love and support the real couples so thats why I don't break them up in my story. Hope you understand that. -XX- Lotte)

~Before the concert in Oxford~

Louis's P.O.V.

"No Brianna! We are over! Done! Finished! You cheated on me! I don't ever want to see you again!" I scream.

Than I whisper:"Just pack your stuff and leave, please."

I hold back my tears. It's difficult, but I can.

"Bye, Louis.": is what I hear Brianna say.

She opens the door and walks out. The boys walk in. They al try to comfort me. But al I can think of is when I heard those words before. 




"Louis, you can't ask me to live with it that you cheated on me. We had to take care of him." Her hands go to her belly. She is pregnant of a boy. And I with my drunk head decided to cheat on her. On the girl I loved the most. She looks at me. Waiting for an explanation.

"I was drunk. I didn't mean to..." But she wont let me speak further.

"Louis, that you were drunk isn't an explanation and you know it." She walks to me and kisses me on the cheek.

"Bye, Louis." And than she is gone."


~End of the flasback~


"We heard you scream to Brianna. What happend?": was what Liam asked.

"She cheated on me. With as explanation that she was drunk so I can't blame her."

Harry said:"Wait, wasn't that the same explanation that you used when you had cheated on.. What was her name again?"

"Yes, it was Hazza. And that is how I know that it is a shit explanation.": is my answer. I don't tell the name. I don't want to think about her anymore. I broke her heart. I know that. I cheated on her when she needed me the most. I also know that Harry didn't forget her name because he was dumped by her best friend. Her best friend was Megan. They were the perfect couple together. But she dumped him so she could be there for her. I know Harry misses her. 

Zayn looks up from his phone."Guys, I am really sorry but we have sound check for the concert of tonight. Uncle Si pics us up in 3" We all walk outside in disguise. Yep, there is uncle Si standing. 


Harry's P.O.V.

I really miss Megan. She just texted me that she would stand in the front of our concert in London. I hope I'll recognize her. I haven't seen her in 2 years. 


~Incoming Text~

From: Megan:)

Hey, Katlinn is coming too. But I'm not sure if you will recognize her. She still looks like Niall but, well lets just say she is changed. Megan 

P.S.: Don't tell Louis she comes. He will breakdown.


Uncle Si's P.O.V.

Something is wrong with Louis. But before I can ask what it is Zayn tells me:"Louis and Brianna have broken up. Brianna had cheated on Louis."

Louis looks up with tears in his eyes. Harry hugs Louis and says

"I am sure you will see her again soon, Lou. You just have to wait." And without asking it I know that this is not going about Brianna. This is about another girl. A girl that disappeared from his life with a reason. Lets just hope that the concert goes well. And that he will be happy again. 


I do a chapter Megan/Katlinn and a chapter One Direction/Unce Si until they meet. That will be at the concert so it won't take that long. I hope you like. 

Lots of (Carrot) Love -XX- Lotte 

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