I love you too... (Completed)

Katlinn has a past with the boys of One Direction. Because of one of them she is a heartbreaker. Because of one of them she was pregnant. And when they meet again she isn't sure what will happen next. Will she be able to trust him again. Will she be able to care again. One thing is sure. She is still truly, madly, deeply in love with that guy.

Cover made by: @Megan_Aurea


9. A day full of interviews

~Three days later at the interview studio~


Katlinn's P.O.V.

"This is huge, guys! How can you be so calm? And how can you find your way around here? I am totally lost." All of the boys are laughing. "We're here, Katlinn. No need to worry." is what Liam says. He is my best guy friend. A lot of people where sipping me with Louis and with Liam. Katlis from Louis and me, Liann from Liam and me. But I am not dating either of them. I just wish that Megan didn't had to work today, than at least I had one normal person to talk too. We sit down on the couch and the interview begins."Guys how are you all?" 

(A/N I am to lazy to type the hole names and the hole interview. Li=Liam, TIW=The Interview Woman, Lo=Louis, Ha=Harry, Za=Zayn, Ni=Niall and Ka=Katlinn.)

Li-"We are all fine if I may talk for everybody"

TIW-"Does one of you have a boy-or girlfriend?"

Lo-"Not me, but I have somebody that I like."

Ha-"I have a lovely girlfriend called Megan. I am dating her again and I am really happy that we are back together."


Za-"Yes, I am engaged with Perrie, like everybody all ready knows." 


TIW-"And you Katlinn?"

Ka-"Nope, I broke up with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago. It wasn't working anymore."

TIW-"Do you got somebody you like?"

Ka-"No, Nobody that I like that way. I got a heart of stone. And I have a bet that I don't may have a boyfriend this month, because I just break their heart after a week of 2."

And than it was the last question from the last and 4th interview.

TIW-"Katlinn, how is it to work with your ex-boyfriend, your brother and three of your best friends. I mean you work for them, aren't you?"

I almost explode, but Liam whispers: "Calm down, Katlinn. You know she doesn't means it that way." His microphone is standing on so everybody hears it. I nodded that I know she doesn't means it that way.

Ka-"It is really strange that I see them now. First I wrote their songs and they just sang them not knowing who wrote them. Working with my brother is really funny. We both are like 'If you ever touch my food you'll die'"I laugh a little. "Working with the rest is hard. I see in them what I saw in... Ugh, this is hard. I see in them what I saw in Jackson. The flirty part of Harry, the nice and sweet part of Liam, the vain part of Zayn, the funny and childish part of Louis and the 'Don't touch my food!' part of me and Niall."

TIW-"If you don't mind, but who is Jackson?"

Ka-"He is my dead son. And one of these boys, excepted for Niall, is the father." I saw the look of her face. She was about to ask who it was. "I told the boys to find out by them selves who the father is. I keep my words, I am not going to tell. One last thing." I sighed."Sorry Liam, but it really irritates me. I DO NOT WORK FOR THE BOYS. I WORK WITH THE BOYS!" is what I yell to her. She nods that she understands. Than the interview is over. Outside one of the boys pulls me away from the rest. He asks:"I am the father, aren't I?"


Megan's P.O.V.

Incoming text from: Katlinn:)


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