Suicidal Dreamer

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you got some news. you weren't particularly thrilled about? but then enjoyed what the outcome was..
well, with my brother being best friends with Liam Payne, i got used to it.
You see... my parents left, Liam and his friends moved in,
and well....


3. Chapter Three

"I-I-I"  He stuttered, i shrugged."Its friday you douche" I mumbled to Mike. who laughed and doubled over.  "Whatever" i mumbled, opening my wardrobe and pulling a skirt, top, coat and knee socks out. "Im going to school" I sighed, going into the bathroom and looking in the mirror. I sighed. Dressed, i headed out the door. I'm probably going to hear about how "one direction" are in wolverhampton right? great..

I effortlessly, made my way into class. Children pouring out of classes into more. I dropped my bag by my seat and shoved it under the desk with my vans. which tightly gripped my feet. As if enclosing them into a hug.

"Oh my god! did you hear 1D are in wolverhampton" I raised my eyebrow at my friend Ella, Marnie, and her were my best friends. 

"Oh shit sorry..." i sighed. her and shrugged. "Liam was stuttering when i asked him" She nodded, 

School was boring, need i say more? I kicked leaves on my way out of class. until I was by the gate, seeing a bunch of girls staring at a blondie, and my brother.. oh god 

"Hey Niall. im Catrice" he nodded, not taking notice seeing me walk over. "What're you doing here" i asked him. he smiled. "dont you wanna know we know you" i shook my head almost non see-able. 

"not really" i mumbled escaping the crowd that had started to form. he looked hurt but i couldnt care right now to be honest, i had to get home. 


A/N. lets just take this time to cry. since Nialls personal account @Realcraicalaic just followed me on twitter.

im done. im crying!!! 

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