Suicidal Dreamer

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you got some news. you weren't particularly thrilled about? but then enjoyed what the outcome was..
well, with my brother being best friends with Liam Payne, i got used to it.
You see... my parents left, Liam and his friends moved in,
and well....


1. Chapter One

"do you want the good news, or bad news first" My older brother Micheal whispered to me. I shrugged, he nodded, "Good news is we get to stay here when mum and dad go, bad news is Liam and his mates are staying here" I groaned, me and Liam didn't get on.... AT ALL.  'When' i asked, he looked over to the suitcases, then the clock. "In about ten minutes" he smirked. this was it! my time when I'm pushed into my room for a month. I nodded grabbing food and water before heading up to my room. I silently hid the food around my room and closed my door after hearing Liam's voice. His mates were here too?! Micheal didn't even know them. I threw my pillow at the door hearing voices outside my room. "This it" a Cheshire accent said. someone obviously nodded as the door next to me opened and closed shut. Since the walls are thin, i heard them. "Mike has a sister doesn't he Liam" an Irish accent said, Liam laughed. "unfortunately" I shook my head, banging it against the wall... the other one of course. wouldn't want them to be freaked out. "So where is she" the same Cheshire accent said. "Probably in her room. we hate each other" someone asked why. so he started. "shes annoying, not to mention ugly" He laughed, I heard them laughing so i got up, opened my door and turned the door handle in their door. 

"Can you not talk about me please. i can hear your  voices through my wall thank you" I said turning on my heel. I slammed my door and listened. 
"Shes hot" Someone said... i smiled. i could see Liam frowning in my head... 


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