Suicidal Dreamer

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you got some news. you weren't particularly thrilled about? but then enjoyed what the outcome was..
well, with my brother being best friends with Liam Payne, i got used to it.
You see... my parents left, Liam and his friends moved in,
and well....


5. Chapter five

I woke up, with the of screaming, i looked frantically around but Niall and Harry were gone, i cautiously got up, to see Mike screaming at the boys, the house was a tip! "Uhm" i mumbled rubbing sleep out of my eye, the irritation vanishing after i did so. "What" Mike snapped. i blushed, as everyone looked over to me. "Ill help" i smiled, Niall piped up to saying he would, the lads growled and went back to sleep, thus leaving me niall and Mike to clean the whole house. by. our. selves. After about two hours, we were finally done! and i sat down to watch breaking bad. when Harry came over, "I love this, move up" he smiled. i looked, this was only a one man chair, i looked at him. "stand up" he said. i nodded and he pushed me onto his lap. "Shit" he cursed when i jumped. "What" i asked, his breathing was heavy and his head lolled back. "What" i asked him again, "do it a-a-gain" he stuttered, i did it again "What the fuck do you two think your doing" Mike screamed. i looked at him. "What? he asked me to lean back on him" His face went to Harrys. who was smirking. "You know what your doing lad, stop playing innocent. stay away from her" he growled. i didnt understand... but finally clicked on. Harry laughed at mikes reaction, "relax shes eighteen, plus pretty hard for me to stay away when i live in the same house" he raised his eyebrow and mike shook his head. "she is sixteen" ... his face blushed as he pushed me off. "oh"

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