Suicidal Dreamer

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you got some news. you weren't particularly thrilled about? but then enjoyed what the outcome was..
well, with my brother being best friends with Liam Payne, i got used to it.
You see... my parents left, Liam and his friends moved in,
and well....


8. Chapter Eight

A/N im so sorry i havnt updated...l my laptop wasnt working and when i tried it failed and sorry!! 


We climbed out of the taxi towards the zoo. I had my converse on, which i tripped on the lace. falling on someone in front 

"Get off" Harry snarled, i raised my eyebrow, shaking the dirt from my elbows i mumbled sorry before rushing ahead. I heard some girls scream.... oh god

"OMG MY GOD YOU KNOW ONE DIRECTION" The most popular girl in our school yellled I rolled my eyes smiling. 

'yeahh, Mike knows them' i trailed off. seeing her go over to Niall.. i tensed. 

"Hey babyy" She purred. he looked over to her, trhen at me, and burst out laughing

"Sorry, i dont date uhm... unnatural faced peopel" he stammered. 

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