The Rose

A scullery maid working in a Lords Mansion accidentally falls in love with the Lords youngest son. They find that they have much in common, and their hearts long to be together. However the Lady of the household is against this, and plans to keep them apart.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to the usual, punctual banging at my door. Its the beginning of the summer, when I flicker my eyes open I can see the sun rays gleam through the small bedroom windows and lay upon the floor. It's five o'clock in the morning and already the sun is up and shinning through the yellow morning clouds. During the summer all the servants wake up at five in order to get the house prepared before the masters awaken, they usually rise early during the summer and later during the winter. I sit up on my bed, common white iron bared bed given to servants to sleep on at, when star at the metal gate at the end I miss my old be at home, with small wooden posts, flowers and vines hand carved, by my father, into the headboard. I turn to the bed beside me and see Ruth still sleeping, I nudge her and she groans into her pillow. "Why can't we be allowed to sleep in until noon, just for once." She throws the sheets over her head and buries herself inside. "Wake up" I say "Or Helen will come in and slap you with her cane." Ruth leaps out of her covers and sits on her bed "She hit me, beat me, tie me to a pole and burn me, but all will be worth for the comfort of my bed" she dramatically flings her arms everywhere dives back into her pillow. I laugh at her joke, as she reluctantly gets out of bed. Helen isn't really like that at all, her cane is just for show, she quite nice but very strict, but that is her job to be strict with the servants and make sure the job is done, even though she doesn't lift a finger to help.

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