Selena Gomez and Robin van Persie, CAGE FIGHT OF DOOM!

On a cold night Robin van Persie goes out to a local pub where he sees Selena Gomez doing things that he could get the same amount of money that he gets in an hour! Which for a footballer is a lot, so he gets close up... Then things start to heat up.


1. The bust up

Our hero Robin Van Persie (rvp) starts sprinting towards the seen where Selena Gomez can clearly be seen licking random men's armpits, he quickly takes his camera out, but before he could take a quick pic, her bodyguards tackle him to the ground, something he's very used to so he started calling for the ref, but he never came. Selena came up to him and said 'tell you what, you beat me in a cage fight and we'll forget this ever happened, I win and you will be my personal slave for a year. See you tomorrow at 0300 in 'the twister'


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