The Teen Wolf's Sister

This story is based on the T.V series 'Teen Wolf'
I've made my own little twist on the story line but I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks xx.


2. Encounter with Jackson - (Chapter 2)

The bell soon went and Lunch was over. I walked down the busy corridor, Getting pushed from side to side. Soon the corridor was empty. I unlocked my lock and got my books. I closed my locker door to see Jackson leaning against another locker next to mine. 

"Do you need something Jackson?" I asked him. "Actually, I was just wondering, how?" 
"How, what?" I said confusingly. "How you have the power to break through the net with the force of your arm and a ball?" I shook my head. 
"Please Jackson just let me go."
"Tell me! Tell me what Scott is giving you!" I turned on my heel and started to walk away. His hand grabbed hold of my wrist and held me back. "See you at practice tomorrow."

Stiles P.O.V
"How Scott? How can Mia do that?" Scott shrugged his shoulders back. "She hasn't been bitten, I swear I haven't touched her." 
"Scott, Stiles if I catch you guys talking one more time I will give you a lunch time detention. Do I make myself clear?" I looked up at the teacher, "Yes Mr Walker. Crystal clear." 

I got distracted from my work as the class door opened and Miaentered the classroom. "Uh Mia, how nice of you to join us." Mr Walker said as he got up from his chair. "Sorry Sir." Mia said without looking up, her eyes glued to her wrist. "Well you can take a seat now." Mia came walking down the rows of seats and sat in front of me.

I leaned forwards. "Mia, what happened to your wrist?" She turned her body around, now facing me. "Meet me at the lacrosse field after school, oh and bring Scott." 

I ran my hand through my hair, knowing something wasn't right.

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