How To Keep Going

Ian and Tinsley have carved out a great life for themselves in New York. He's teaching English Lit at a prestigious private academy. She's a successful wedding photographer.

What could possibly go wrong?


1. This Is Our Life

"I'm home!" He called from our entryway... Which was also our living room... Which was also our kitchen...

Our apartment was tiny.

"Hey, sweetie!" I called from the second bedroom, which we had turned into a makeshift darkroom. I was developing photos from a wedding I'd shot the Saturday before. "How was class?"

He knocked on the door to the darkroom, his way of asking if he could open the door, as he said, "Rough. That Belmore kid won't stop giving me hell. You remember that assignment I gave them over A Tale of Two Cities? He decided it'd be hilarious to compare The lead to Holden Caulfeild, then make zero effort to back his argument. He just wrote, they are the same, which they are not."

i cracked the door open for him and let him slide into the room while trying to keep out as much light as possible.

"Hi," I smiled coyly.

"Hi," he said back, but didn't smile. He simply knelt his head down to mine and gave me a long, deep kiss.

How much he cared was the hardest part about Ian's job. He had the hardest time leaving work at work when it came to his students. That's part of what I loved about him, but I hated how much it wore him down.

"How was your day?" He asked.

"Just wrapping things up," I smiled, but my heart fluttered a bit.

I was nervous because I was keeping something from him, and we never kept secrets. I was a terrible liar.

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