How To Keep Going

Ian and Tinsley have carved out a great life for themselves in New York. He's teaching English Lit at a prestigious private academy. She's a successful wedding photographer.

What could possibly go wrong?


4. Stormy Weather

I held my bag close to my chest and hurried (as much as I could) towards the entryway to our building. The wind whipped around me and twisted my hair around my face. The rain spat at me. I managed to get inside and wobbled to the elevators.

My back was aching and my feet were swelling. Pregnancy had been... fun. I really did enjoy it, as awkward and painful and kind of gross as it all could be from time to time. I was in an odd spot, at eight months in, where I wanted it to be finished so that I could finally meet the little person I had grown, but at the same time I wanted to keep he safe inside me as long as I could. There was a closeness I couldn't quite explain that I was going to miss.

The elevator was taking forever, so I decided to check the mail while I waited.

Bills, bills, bills... and then a handwritten envelope with no return address... I looked over it as the elevator rung to alert its arrival. The handwriting looked so familiar, yet I couldn't place it.

I boarded the elevator and tore the envelope open as it rode up to our floor.


It read...

I know that you feel what you did was right. I will not fault anyone from doing what they think is right. So, I forgive you. I also know that you don't want to see me. However, I have learned that you are expecting. It is might right, as your father, to meet this child. My grandchild.

The letter dropped from my hands as they shook. A million questions raced through my head. How did he find us? How did he find out about the pregnancy? Was he still in prison?

I knelt down and fumbled to pick the letter back up when the elevator reached our floor. I hurried down the hall to our apartment and locked myself inside. Before I could do anything else, I dug in my purse for my phone and called Ian. I had to hear his voice to calm down.

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