the new girl

the new girl jane forbes goes into middle school she has no friends and has problem with being social she was born with therets syndrome will that stop her from being who she really is? lets find out....


1. new day

jane!! janes mother gaby said there was no reply jane!!! still no reply gabby waked up the stairs heading toward janes room there jane was laying down on her bed like she had no Idea what was going on. gaby said softly jane you have to wake up its your first day of middle school. jane looked up and gave her mom a look that she didn't want to go to middle school.jane finally got out of her bed and she told her mom she would be down in 10 jane made her bed and went to er closet to ick out a nice oufit. she had no Idea what to wear so she just went with a nice blue tanktop a pair of jeans she went to her bathroom ad looed in the mirror se hated was she saw she got out a brush and toothbrush an toothpaste she brushed her hair and teeth she headed down stairs and went into the hallway to get her shoes they where flips-flops her mom told her that she needed to wear a jacket so she grabbed her blue jacket off the hook and her mom handed her her backback..... she walked out the door and the bus was already there waiting for her.
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