Angels Do Need Wings [16+]

A life changer. Both of them. They can save lives. They don't think they can, but they do. They can do anything, really, they just don't know what they want to do for sure. He's a singer, she's a public speaker. But something's in the way for Louis to realize that he loves her. There's something in they way for Gentle to realize that she loves him. "Angels do need wings."


3. Chapter 3

*Gentle's POV*


"No, you can't come with me, Hun. It's too dangerous at home. So you have to live on the streets to keep safe, okay, Darling?" my mum said, me frowning as I didn't seem ready for this sudden event.


"But when can I come back home?" my twelve year old self asked, I certainly am not cut for this independence stuff yet. I'm not even old enough to take care of myself.


"You can't come, you can live by yourself, you're a big girl now." she said saddened as she realized that I still didn't understand what she was meaning.


"Just, get food and money from strangers if you can to live. Bye, Buttercup." she whispered, kissing my head.



"No, you can't come with me, this is a dangerous neighborhood I'm going to, their school is no better." I say, tugging at the short skirt and tank top Louis had given me, apparently his girlfriend's clothes.


I felt really...uncomfortable in these, but at least they let me brush my teeth and actually let me take a shower that took one hour as I was dirty as fucking fuck.


I put my thin and now clean coat on my shoulders and took a banana from the diner table.


"Shit, um, can I use some boots? Like...combat boots?" I question as the flats that the guy gave me were too small and I was wearing socks, not a good mix.


"Oh, yeah, you can use my brother's, his feet are pretty small so you might fit them." she said softly as she was a bit down that I didn't let he come with me. She handed me gray combat boots with a soft smile.


"Thank you." I rubbed her head and sat down, putting the boots on. "Hey, Gentle. I can give you a ride if you want." Louis offered as he walked downstairs with only pajama pants on. No shirt.


What the fuck, dude-


"No, I'm fine. Stay with El, pretty much know that she needs you."


I declined, about to leave their flat with a wobbly step.


"No, no. It's okay, she can wait. Don't want you walking since you walked from Yorkshire to Doncasta yesterday." his accent making his home town sound weird.


'Doncasta' really? His accent is weird, mine is just a regular accent, his just confuses me a bit.


"Fine, whatever. But hurry, I'm going to be late." I sang, jumping off of the steps and onto a tree. "I'm a monkey!" I exclaim, swinging on a branch slowly, careful to not break it.


"Sh and get in the car." he chuckled, opening the door to his car and yeah, waiting for me to get in. I roll my eyes and get down from the tree, walking into his car.


"Where's this school at?" he questioned, looking at me from the mirror, glancing at his phone every once and a while, "'Round Clover and Louden street." I answer, tightening the boots, wrapping my coat more securely around me and fixing the uncomfortable skirt.


"Okay, it's going to take about ten minutes by car." he said quietly, starting the engine and we drove off, Lottie and Eleanor staying back.


All we talked about during the drive was animals, food, and colors.


"But like, how do platypuses mate?" I ask, opening the car door and jumping out. Louis laughed and followed, putting a beater on which I didn't even know he had in the car.


"I don't know. But come on, you need to get into the gymnasium." he said, pushing me towards a door where when we entered, a bunch of smoke and students filled the gymnasium.


Smoking, drugs, alcohol.


Oh. I don't think I can help people like this. People like these don't like me. "Um yeah, I'm not going to speak here. Teens like them don't like me very much." I state by fact, ready to turn around and exit.


"No. You're going to speak here. I thought you really wanted to help these kids?" he held my wrist, pulling me back.


"I did! But then I didn't know they were this bad!" I exclaim, fixing my biker glove. I bet they don't even know that I'm going to speak at their school today. "Come on, can we just go? Maybe get lunch for the four of us?" I pleaded while shaking the boy's arm.


Babies don't like me, children don't like me, teens don't like me, adults don't like me, seniors don't like me, deceased don't like me. So many things don't like me!


I just want to go eat, man.


"Whatever. We're going to IHop then, they have good sandwiches there." Louis announced, dragging me out of the school. Don't believe IHop makes sandwiches? Whale okay.


"IHOP!" I scream happily, food, I just need food in me and I'll be done and I'll be sleeping for the fucking day.


We just walked, IHop was close to where we parked so, we walked.


But when we walked inside, I saw something so surprising. "Is that Eleanor?" I nudge Louis' arm, pointing towards a slim girl, kissing a guy in the corner. "I don't know...Hope not." Louis grumbled, ordering food and yeah.


"Hey, Eleanor!" I called out, seeing if the girl was going to respond, luckily, she did. "Hi, Gentle!" she said with a fake-cheery tone, waving as she pulled away from the guy.


"Guess who's here!"





was all she said, a surprised look on her face as Louis looked at her with disbelief, tears welling up in his eyes. "How could you?" he choked out, suppressing a frown and a loud cry.


"I- I'm sorry, Louis."

"Can we just talk about this then?"

"Yeah...Sure." they both walked into a different corner of the restaurant, the guy who was shoving his tongue down Eleanor's throat earlier came up to me.


"Wanna come with me and leave that small and pathetic excuse of a man and come with a real man?" he smirked, coming closer to me, putting a hand on my waist.


I chuckled and shook my head, "Do you want to get kicked in the balls?" I batted my eyelashes innocently, moving back a bit and kicking the man's groin with the heel of 'my' boot. "Stop harassing women and become a real man." I spat at him,  throwing a pebble -that was in the boot- at the man's face.


"Stupid, horny cunt." I giggle, pouring salt on his face afterwards.


Everyone who was in the building looked at me, a slight flash of amusement in their eyes. "Well, we worked things out...I gave the girl a second chan- woah, what happened to this guy?" Louis stopped in his tracks and nudged the man who was on the floor, breathing heavily.


"Something violent, but come on, our order is finished and I want to go and see Lottie again." I sigh, watching as Eleanor kissed Louis' cheek.


"Let's go then. Let's go." he said, taking the bag of food, dragging Eleanor and I back to his car, getting ready to drive back to his flat.


Fuck, can this day be anymore slower?


As there was traffic, I chose to go to sleep because you know...I'm tired.


So, farewell conscious, hello dreamland.




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