Angels Do Need Wings [16+]

A life changer. Both of them. They can save lives. They don't think they can, but they do. They can do anything, really, they just don't know what they want to do for sure. He's a singer, she's a public speaker. But something's in the way for Louis to realize that he loves her. There's something in they way for Gentle to realize that she loves him. "Angels do need wings."


2. Chapter 2

*Gentle’s POV*


“We’re going to have so much fun! Like fan girl over Channing Tatum.” Lottie shouted excitedly as we turned around a corner.


“Um. Who’s Channing Tatum?” I laugh awkwardly, scratching my neck, Lottie stopped walking, even Eleanor and that boy, Louis, I think that was his name.


All three of them turned around and looked at me in disbelief. “You don’t know who Channing Tatum is?!” they screamed, I covered one ear. “No, I don’t know who that is.” I stated, scrunching my nose at the name.


“We’re going to have to rent 21 Jump Street then.” Louis said, dragging all of us towards a movie rental store. “Oh okay, movies.” I trail off, looking at the racks in front of me.


“Oh, they have Barney!” I exclaim, taking the CD case from the shelf, my eyes glowing with excitement. “Really, Gentle?” Louis passed by me with that movie, a small smirk on his lips.


“What? I just like Barney...” I trailed off, hugging it towards my chest. “Yeah, but did you know that he cussed and so on the show has been cancelled ever since?” Louis raised his eyebrows.


I smirked, knowing he was trying to ruin my childhood. “Actually that’s quite wrong,” I state, crossing my arms.


“Barney, he actually raped all of the children while on-air, he even ate them afterwards, then he commited suicide by jumping off a cliff, a huge, sharp branch of a tree penetrating him before he could even hit the ground.”


I lie, biting my laughter back as Louis held a hand to his chest, eyes widening. “You just ruined my childhood!” he fake cried, he was actually deeply surprised from my point of view.


“Well sorry, but you asked for it. Now rent this for me.” I shoved the case to his chest and giggled, stepping outside of the store and leaning onto the window slowly.


I checked my badly scratched watch, it was about five to four right now, five more minutes until it turns to four o’clock in the evening.


I looked back at I what I said about Barney, what if he DID do that? What if it was true? What if I ruined my life forever with a lie?


My thoughts were abruptly interrupted as the other three walked out of the translucent doors. “We rented your Barney CD and we rented 21 Jump Street, let’s go.” Eleanor said with an annoyed tone, walking ahead of all of us.


May I say, RUDE.


“Wait up!” Louis and Lottie hollered, jogging towards the strutting Eleanor as I just followed, dusting my old and dusty jeans.


“Shi- Shoot.” I mumbled as I stumbled into their flat, falling face flat, the door closing after me. “No, no, you’re allowed to cuss.” Louis laughed, picking me up from the floor.


“Shit, that hurt.” I grumble, dusting my arms off. “Be quiet, we’re going to watch the movie and introduce you to Channing Tatum.” Lottie giggled and put the CD or whatever into the thingy.


I don’t know, I don’t use this stuff!


I sat right in front of the TV as the other three sat on the sofa.


“Look! He’s right there!” Eleanor shouted, pointing at the screen at a guy with a varsity and long hair.


“Oh, um. Can we watch Barney? I don’t like this...” I plead, looking at the lot. “Already?” Louis groaned, turning the TV off instead.


“We’re going to sleep then.” Louis demanded, throwing blankets and pillows at my face and the other two’s.


“I don’t know what to do with these. I don’t remember.” I say quietly, twiddling around with the items. “Here, I’ll do it for you.” He said with a sigh, resting the pillow underneath my head and wrapping my body with two blankets.


“There. Now, we’re going to sleep.” He said softly, patting my head.


“At seven in the evening?” Lottie whined. I closed my eyes, listening to them bicker.


Good night then.

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