Angels Do Need Wings [16+]

A life changer. Both of them. They can save lives. They don't think they can, but they do. They can do anything, really, they just don't know what they want to do for sure. He's a singer, she's a public speaker. But something's in the way for Louis to realize that he loves her. There's something in they way for Gentle to realize that she loves him. "Angels do need wings."


1. Chapter 1

*Gentle’s POV*


Mum! I just need the wings for my costume!” I shouted from the lounge room, it was Halloween and my mummy wanted me to be an angel instead of Bat Woman. She said that she didn’t like the colour black and that she doesn’t like bats, so I chose to become an angel.


“Just wait, Gentle! I need to check if there is any stains on it!” she called back, slowly walking down the stairs, inspecting my glittery wings.


“Mum,” I whined, stomping my feet and crossing my arms, “It wasn’t even out of the bag yet!” I exclaimed, flailing my arms up in the air. “Okay, okay. Here you go.” She sighed, putting my arms through the loops and adjusted my costume.


“Go! Go get candy!” she laughed as I cheered and picked my bucket up, running out of the flat as fast as I could and ran up to different doorsteps.


But that was when I was six, old enough to run about by myself. But that was fifteen years ago, I’m twenty-one now, I’m mature. I’m not a child anymore, I don’t live with my mum anymore. I don’t live in a flat anymore.


I don’t know where I live anymore, actually. I don’t even know if my mum remembers me. I almost forgot how old I was, even.


But at least I have a job, a good one. One that may save or inspire lives and souls. I’m a sponsor, a public speaker, adult, and I think a homeless person, who knows?


I save people with my words, from what I’ve heard, funny, really.


Right now, I’m in a gymnasium at a school, talking about things. Very important things. All the youth, Grade Seven to Twelve, including some parents, or college students that are siblings of the middle and highschoolers. There’s one certain man though, he’s supposedly famous.


His name is Louis Tomlinson, honestly, I have no idea what he’s famous for, I don’t watch TV, I don’t read magazines. I don’t do anything, I just work.


“Do you guys and girls love me? Raise up your hand all you students, raise them up.” I instructed, moving my hand up and down with a slight smile. Bunches and bundles of hands were raised, smiles on the student’s faces.


“Good to know, good to know. If I were to ask you, ‘What do you love?’, I bet you’d come up with a lot of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and so much more,” I listed, walking around the gymnasium in circles, playing with the worn out button of my coat.


“You can say that you love reading, the colour green, cats, running, staying inside, giraffes,” I listed again, knowing what I was going to say next immediately.


“But how long, how long will it take, how long will it take for me to hear you say, ‘I love myself.’” I moved my hand towards my chest, patting it.


“When will you say that you love yourself?” tears brimmed at the edge of my eyes, it’s so heart breaking, knowing that someone doesn’t love their own self.


“I love myself,” I raised my eyebrows, standing in the middle of the gymnasium once again. “Well, I think I love myself.” I laugh quietly, a little giggle coming from the spectators, but the parents and college students, including a blue eyed person with chiseled features and a girl hanging from his arm, they all had frowns upon their faces.


“I don’t even know if my mum remembers me, and still loves me,” I shrugged, running a hand through my dusty, matted, maroon hair. “She left me alone on the streets anyways, and stayed in our flat and never let me inside ever again.”


I sighed, wiping the stray tears off of my cheeks.


“But, yeah, I think I still love myself. I think you should love yourself too. If you don’t love yourself, what’s the point for others to love you, if you don’t have any reason to love your body, mind, looks, soul?”


I questioned with an emotionless face, the dark and large bags under my eyes becoming more heavier.


“There’s always a reason to love yourself, so don’t go saying that there’s nothing to love about you.” My voice became softer, I looked down at the ground slowly and took a deep breath.


“Sometimes I laugh when people call me an angel...Just because ‘I save lives’, apparently.” I put quotations on, ‘I save lives’ as I don’t think it’s true.


“I’m not an angel, don’t say that angels don’t need wings. Human beings can’t be angels unless God has given them the opportunity.” I looked up a bit, everyone’s eyes burning into my soul.


Angels do need wings.” I whisper against the headset, “And I,” I pointed at myself, “And I, I am not an angel.” I state flatly, standing up straight, my head tilting back as I was tired, my tongue stayed to the roof of my mouth.


“But, yeah, I can say that some angels don’t need wings, and so I’m saying this.” I demand, putting a hand on my hip.


“All of you, even the parents, college students, and that famous guy I’ve heard.” I smiled, people giggling and whispering to each other.


“All of you are angels in my eyes. You don’t need wings because you don’t need to fly. Angels can walk too. All you angels, God gave you the gift to be different, he made you look gorgeous, he even made you beautiful inside and out because he wanted to give a little abnormality in the world. He didn’t want everything to be the same,” I grinned, a single tear rolling down my cheek involuntarily.


“And that’s why he chose all of you to be those angels, roaming the Earth, making someone’s life a bit better and brighter.” I finished, crouching down a bit and pointing at everyone with a little wave here and there.


“My name is Gentle Harliotte, and I am God’s little, idiotic, life saver, of a mistake.” I finish with a big wave to everyone, handing the head set back to the principle, wiping that last stray tear from my face.


Many people had tears flowing from their eyes, as I walked towards the exit of the gymnasium, being met with a big breeze of hair splashing my skin.


I stood by the door as people filed out, giving me small hugs and little words of encouragement, some even cried on my shoulder. I don’t understand, I told them the truth, I told them my thoughts.


But then the boy with the blue eyes and the chiseled features with the girl hanging on his arm and a smaller girl beside her were the last ones from the filing out line.


“Oh lord, thank you for coming to my little sister’s school. Lottie appreciates it that you answered her email and came here just to talk about all of these things.” He thanked me with a huge smile on his face, hugging me, as well as his sister, the one who sent me that email.


I hugged him awkwardly as the girl on his arm was just glaring at me.


“No problem, your sister sounded cute as a button as I read her short and adorable email. Thank you, Lottie!” I laughed, removing my arms from the boy and placing them around his little sister.


“No worries!” she giggled, jumping up and down. “Hey, want to hang out sometime, since you said I was your role-model?” I question her, holding out my business card, ‘Public Speaker Inspirations’ was read on the card with my phone number on it.


“Definitely!” she squealed, taking the card from my hand and stuffing it in her pocket gently. Aha, funny, my name’s Gentle and I said ‘gently’!


“Hey, I must be going to wherever I’m going to sleep! See you later tomorrow or something? Maybe when you call me?” I say weirdly, as I started to walk away, a hand grabbed me by the arm.


“You can stay in our flat, since you don’t have a home. You can wear my girlfriend’s clothes as I know she wouldn’t mind, right Eleanor?” the boy looked down at the girl who was still glaring at me, hugging his arm.


“Um, yeah, sure. She can use my clothes.” She said, a hint of venom in her posh accent. “Oh my god! Gentle Harliotte is going to live in our, flat!” the younger sibling squealed again, jumping up and down.


“Oh, uh, sure. I can sleep in your flat. I can sleep on the floor, under the table in your kitchen if you want.” I stammered, looking at a wall.


“Oh no, you can sleep with my sister, you can sleep on her floor with a blanket and a pillow.” He replied, saying like it was not big deal. “Oh god! Let’s go bring her to our flat now!” Lottie screamed and literally dragged me somewhere, her brother and that other girl following.


Guess I can live like this for a while.



A/N: Hi, hi. I really liked the plot of this story as well, so I made a Movella of it! YEEE- Anyways. Thank you for reading, bye! ~Scarlotte



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