Ordinary by Day, Heroes by Night

Diana McCarthy and her best friend, Georgia Rose, aren't just ordinary people on this planet. These two superheroes live a crazy hectic life with villains on their backs and people bossing them around on a day job. After defeating a villain once again, they meet other ordinary people that share the same secret life like them, but these people are a famous pop-rock boy band known by the name One Direction. What will they expect on this adventure of defeating villains with this boy band? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


23. We'll be okay


   ~Louis Pov~
"Harry, duck!" I shout. He turns to me quickly jumping down to the ground just being missed by a flying sword.

"Louis help me!" Georgia struggles to escape from ropes tying around her body. I run up to her ripping the ropes off her. She looks behind me, quickly jumping on me as I see a flash of light fly over our heads.

"You could of killed us, Addison!" I sit up looking back at her.

"But I didn't!" She shoots another fire ball knocking the men out behind us.

"Let's get out of here!" The four men run out of the stadium with their weapons frightened.

"We did it once again!" I jump in the air feeling victory.

"Okay, now we should head off to the tour bus back up north of the city before security comes to look for us." We all agree heading out to the back.

"Hey, the doors stuck." Niall runs into the door trying to open it.

"Louis, have a try at it." Georgia steps back waiting.

 I place my hands in the door pushing with all my might. I fall to the ground unsuccessfully opening the door. I stand to my feet rubbing my head.

"What the? I can't even open it!" I shout in anger.

"Louis calm down. We'll find a way." Georgia rubs my back calming me down.

"Maybe I can call some of my allies." Harry walks up scratching his claws on the metal door.

"Meow....Reer! Fttt!" Harry hisses, clawing the door a couple more times before he puts his head down giving up.

"You tried though." I smile weakly at him, still disappointed that I could open it either.

 We suddenly hear cats meowing outside of the building clawing the door. Harry's eyes glisten with excitement. He runs up to the door talking to the cats.

"What are they saying?" Zayn asks, kneeling down with Harry.

"They said we can go through the vents."

"How are we going to fit? We're not that tiny like them." Harry nods talking to the cats once again.

"They also said that there's an opening at the top of the stadium where we could climb out if we have ropes."

"Oh, I see the opening!" Zayn points to the ceiling where a view of the gloomy night was showing.

"We could use my vines." Georgia raises vines from the ground rising them high up to the ceiling.

"Good thinking Georgia!" Diana starts to climb the vine, followed by Georgia, Addison, Niall, Zayn, Harry, and I. We flop onto the roof gazing around.

"Wait a minute, weren't Liam and Valerie outside?" Niall looks at us all.

"Yeah, they should be down there." I point to the bottom. We look over to see a pile of heavy objects covering the back door.

"That's why we couldn't get out." Zayn murmurs.

"Where's the two them?!" Addison starts to freak out.

"We'll have to search for them. We need to split, so Niall, Zayn, Addison, and Diana will go up north of the city while Harry, Georgia, and I look down south." We all agree going down the roof running in our directions.

"Harry, go down south with Georgia while I go east!" I shout running off.

"But Louis, we can't split up more! We won't be able to find each other easily!" He shouts back starting to run after me.

"Harry let him! We need to find Liam and Valerie at the moment!" Georgia shout to Harry. He turns to me and back to Georgia. He glances back at me once more sighing, then running back to Georgia.

 I use my super speed running past cars down east. I gaze around the empty streets to find nothing but trash. I guess I could expect this considering this city wasn't too populated. It was more deserted. Maybe they're on the West side.

 I run the opposite way towards the stadium we were singing at. I glance back, running into someone falling on my butt. I look straight ahead to see Addison laying in the floor groaning.

"Addison! Oh gosh I'm so sorry!" I help her up back on her feet.

"Wait, what are you doing here?" We both say in unison.

"I ditched the others to look for Liam and Valerie." We both say at the same time again.

"Stop that!" We shout together.

"Well, I looked down east and I didn't see any sign of them." I point back east where I was coming from.

"Let's look together here." We both agree walking down the streets.

 We looked in every spot in the area and haven't found them at all. Addison is beginning to worry for them, especially for Liam. We needed to find them no matter what.

"Agh!" Addison shrieks, falling to the ground.

"Addison, what wrong?!" I kneel down beside her. I suddenly hear thunder in the sky as it starts to rain down on us.

"L-Louis...get me out of the rain!" She whimpers. I carry her bridal style running under a roof. I put her down on a dry area sitting beside her.

"Thanks." She mutters, shivering.

"Addison, you're cold. I'll get you a blanket." I look around to see an abandoned complex running in to find a soft blanket and umbrella. I open the umbrella, running back to Addison under the roof with the blanket.

"Here. I found a dry place to stay in. C'mon, I'll carry you there." I put the blanket over her, carrying her in my arms once again running quickly into the complex.

"Thanks Louis. I really appreciate it." She weakly smiles up at me. She settles herself on a bed covering herself more with blankets.

"I don't think we'll be able to go out till tomorrow morning." A loud thunder was heard, frightening Addison under the blankets piled on her.

"It's okay Addison. It'll be fine." I sit beside her wrapping my arms around her. I gaze around the barely lit room to see nothing but dusty furniture. I start to shiver digging my face into the blankets wrapped around Addison.

"You're cold. Here." She opens her arms out making a gap beside her. I sit inside the blankets with her as she wraps the blanket around me.

"Thank you." I smile.

"It's the least I could do." She brings her legs up to her chest, setting her chin on her knees. I scoot her closer to me resting her head on my chest. I lay back on the bed resting my head on a pillow.

"Just get some rest tonight, Addison. We'll be gone before you know it...." I assure her. She snuggles into my chest more, quickly falling asleep. I close my eyes falling into a deep sleep too.


A/N: Hey you! Yeah you! These pictures that I'm starting to make for each chapter are previews in my mumbles. So be sure to be a fan of me to get sneak peeks! I might even start adding a paragraph from the chapter with the pic!

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