Ordinary by Day, Heroes by Night

Diana McCarthy and her best friend, Georgia Rose, aren't just ordinary people on this planet. These two superheroes live a crazy hectic life with villains on their backs and people bossing them around on a day job. After defeating a villain once again, they meet other ordinary people that share the same secret life like them, but these people are a famous pop-rock boy band known by the name One Direction. What will they expect on this adventure of defeating villains with this boy band? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


27. Those eyes....


   ~Zayn's Pov~
"Georgia hush." I place my index finger over her lips shushing her. She glares at me. I quickly pull my finger away as she tries to bite my finger.

"Don't tell me to be quiet." She stands up looking over the wall.

"Guys, I seen the car go inside a garage around the corner, but there's no way inside this place." He points over the building.

"Harry get down!" I grab his wrist, squeezing it pulling him down next to me as I bring Georgia down on my other side.

"Ow! My blood is not circulating!" Harry slaps my hand off his arm.

"Listen you two! There's cameras around here near this wall! If we're not quiet, we could get caught!" I whisper loudly to them.

"You are sure right, Mimic Lad." We stare at each other in silence. I look behind me to see a person standing over me. Those eyes.... I've memorized them for the past nine months. I've known them for a long time. It couldn't be. But I thought she died?

"P-Perrie?" I stuttered. I stood up looking down at her.

"Hi, Zayn." She looked up at me studying my face.

"But I thought you-"

"I survived." She cut me off my words. I bite my lip smiling down at her. I lift her chin up with my finger tips planting my lips on hers. I smile into the kiss grabbing her face. I break away smiling down at her.

"Oh Perrie." I wrap my arms around her, pulling her to my chest. She hugs me back digging her head under my neck.

"I missed you, Zayn." She spoke softly.

"You don't know how much I've missed you too." I look her in the eyes as she smiles. This was real life. She was actually alive!

"Perrie?" We look down at Harry as he stared at Perrie. His mouth opens in shock.

"Hey Harry." She smiled warmly.

"How did you survive the crash?" He asked.

"After the plane crashed down on an island, I was stranded there for seven months. I starved while I was out there, but I hunted and survived. Later a fellow superhero heard my call and came down to me. She took me back to the city and fled quickly. I never got her name." Perrie glances back up at me, pulling me in for another hug.

"Does Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne know your alive?" I ask her.

She lightly pushes me away looking down. "I haven't found them yet."

"Perrie, they've had you in their minds for the past nine months! They've been depressed these past months. They haven't fought crime since the day they found out you were in a crash. You need to find them." I hold her by her shoulders.

"Zayn... I came looking for you because I love you. I know they're like sisters to me, but we're not even like that. We're more than that. Remember?" She lifts her left hand up taking her glove off revealing the ring I proposed with to her almost a year ago before she disappeared.

"You don't love me, do you?" She backs away from me as tears formed at the corner of her eyes.

"Of course I love you! I haven't stopped thinking about you since the last time I saw you!" I step closer to her placing my arms around her waist.

"Then why are you saying I needed to find the girls?"

"Because I lost contact with them after that day," I take in a deep breath letting it out after, "When we started the tour, they just disappeared. The band faded away as weeks passed. There's no more Little Mix."

"What?! The band is over? It can't be! That means they never released the last album we made together." She mutters.

"They actually did, Perrie. They dedicated that album to you, but they didn't go on tour. It's been hard for them. I just know it."

"Are you guys going to still talk about this, or are you going to save us!" I turn back to see a fist fly at me. I fall to the ground cursing in pain.

"Zayn!" I hear Perrie shriek.

"Your coming with us!" I hear deep voices say. I squint my eyes open to see them grab me, throwing me over their shoulders. My body starts to give up on holding my head up. I drop my head looking down at the pair of feet walking me inside a building.

"Let me go!" Georgia shouts.

"Shut up Blondie!" I hear one of the men shout.

"Don't tell her to shut up!" I hear Harry hiss at them as one of the men shout. He must of scratched him.

"Get this boy in a cage!" I slowly lift my head up to see Harry being thrown into a cage. "Put the girls in that room with the other!" I get a glimpse of the man that's in charge. Shadow.

"Who's the other?!" I shout looking at him. He turned to me smiling evilly. He lifts my face up making eye contact with me.

"Don't worry. They'll live...for now." He laughs out loud walking away. "Guards, take him to the tubes."

 The man that had me in his arms starts to walk again. I groan in pain as he throws me in a clear tube. I sit helplessly gazing around. My eyes widen as I see Liam and Valerie in separate tubes beside me.

They're here.

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