Ordinary by Day, Heroes by Night

Diana McCarthy and her best friend, Georgia Rose, aren't just ordinary people on this planet. These two superheroes live a crazy hectic life with villains on their backs and people bossing them around on a day job. After defeating a villain once again, they meet other ordinary people that share the same secret life like them, but these people are a famous pop-rock boy band known by the name One Direction. What will they expect on this adventure of defeating villains with this boy band? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


26. Screaming


A/N: Hello mah people! Welcome back to ODHN! Did you miss me? No? Okay.

Also, something is coming up for two special people in da next chapter! ;)



   ~Addison's Pov~
 I wake up in Louis' arms. I stare at him with wide eyes confused for a while. I decide to make the move and try to move away from his arms. His blue eyes flutter open, gazing upon my presence. He closes his eyes again opening his arms up to let me go.

"Morning, Addi." He groans stretching his arms out.

"Morning, Louis." I clear my throat sitting up.

"Looks like the sun has come out." He covers his face from the sun coming through the window.

"Which means it's time to move." I look back at him as I stood up.

"To where?" He yawns.

"Don't you remember?" He slowly shakes his head. "We were looking for Liam and Valerie last night."

"Oh yeah."

"Wait, if we're here, then where's the others?" I start to freak out pacing back and forth.

"We both left our groups remember?"

"But where are they now? They can't be looking for them still." I shake my head worriedly. "What if they left us? What if they got kidnapped?!" I start to tremble, tears spilling out of my eyes.

 Louis stands up walking towards me. Without hesitation, he grabs my shoulders, smashing his lips onto mine. I quickly push away falling to the ground, shrieking.

"You just kissed me!" I look up at him in shock.

"I wanted to calm you down." He falls back on the bed groaning.

"Louis, I'm freaking out more because you just kissed me!"

"Addison just shut up!" He shouts. I stop looking up at him. "I have a fuckin' headache for Pete's sake!" He holds his head whining.

"Where's Liam when you need him?" I gaze out the room to the empty streets.

"Not here, apparently." I glare back at him clenching my teeth.

"Just because I'm a hero now doesn't mean I won't use my powers on you." I hold my fist up building power.

"I dare you." He squints his eyes smirking.

 I raise my hands in the air putting them out towards him. I build up power making it stronger. I release them as he dodges them. He falls on the ground screaming.

"I didn't think you would actually do it!" He sits up backing away from me.

"Louis, we're wasting time here! Let's get moving!" I pull him up on his feet. I run outside to see the streets empty. Wasn't this place filled with people last night?

"Do you think they're still here?" I glance back at Louis walking towards me.

"Maybe. Last night, I woke up to thuds outside, a gun going off, and screaming. It was pretty loud. I was surprised you didn't wake up."

"I'm surprised you didn't let me go when you woke up from the sounds last night." I smirk crossing my arms over my chest.

"Oh shut it Addi!" He growls.

"Okay, instead of you teasing me, why don't you run around the perimeter and see if you see them? Huh?" I place my hands on my hips.

"Fine." He darts off from one ally to the next.

 I sit myself on the curb watching him speed through the city. After a couple seconds, he comes back to me. "No sign of anyone." He shakes his head.

"This is bad! Really, really bad!" I stand up pacing back and forth again. We can't lose them! I couldn't lose Liam! I don't know what I would do with out him! He was all I had besides from everyone else.

"Wait, did you hear that?" He spins around glancing the area.

"No, what are you-" I was cut off when we heard the screaming of pain. I jump at the sound staring at Louis.

"C'mon!" He starts to run in the direction of the screaming. I follow behind him reaching an ally. We look around to hear the scream louder this time.

"Someone help me!" They yell.

"In there!" I shout, running to a trash bin at the end. I open the bin to see Niall covered in bags of trash. "Niall!" I shriek. Louis helps me take Niall out placing him on an old mattress nearby.

"Agh! Shit!" He curses out loud clutching his stomach. He moves his arm away as blood covers the sleeve of his suit.

"Holy crap Niall! What happened?! Where's Diana and Zayn?"

"Doesn't matter about me. Diana was kidnapped." He coughs covering his mouth.

"Niall, tell me what happened! We are not going to look for Diana and Zayn till you say!" I put my foot down, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Well I was following Zayn till I was pulled away by some guys. They mocked my voice to call Diana over here and got her too. They stabbed her with a needle and took her while one of them shot me. I'm just surprised I've lasted this long." Niall groans out loud in pain rolling over on his side facing his back to us.

"I'm so sorry I left you guys! This is my fault!" I start to cry.

"It's not your fault Addison! Don't blame yourself!" Niall turns around grabbing my face looking me in the eyes. "None of this is your fault. We're going to find the others and heal me with Liam's powers, okay?" I nod.

"Okay." I whisper.


A/N: Sorry for the lag on updates! Didn't get as much responses I wanted about my later plans, but I decided to update now! I'll try to update by next Tuesday the latest! Till then...peace!

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