Ordinary by Day, Heroes by Night

Diana McCarthy and her best friend, Georgia Rose, aren't just ordinary people on this planet. These two superheroes live a crazy hectic life with villains on their backs and people bossing them around on a day job. After defeating a villain once again, they meet other ordinary people that share the same secret life like them, but these people are a famous pop-rock boy band known by the name One Direction. What will they expect on this adventure of defeating villains with this boy band? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


22. Let's have a little fun, sidekick....



   ~Valerie's Pov~

  "Everyone, duck!" I jump on top of Georgia crashing to the ground. Her eyes close shut as her lips part. I hover over her wrapping my arms around her head. Shots were heard echoing in the stadium. I gaze up to see her friends moving behind large objects ducking for cover.

"Guys, where's Georgia?!" Louis shouts in fear looking around. He snaps his head towards me to see Georgia under my arms knocked out.

"Georgia!" He stands up running towards us.

"Wait! Louis!" I release Georgia from my arms running in front of him pushing him down to the ground beside Georgia. I feel a sharp pain on my side making fall to the ground. I lay in open site watching men shoot at us. My eyes begin to flutter close.

  No! Not today Valerie! I struggle to stand to my feet. Once I stand up straight, arms wrap around my waist pulling me away behind a wooden box. I turn back to see the boy with the quiff looking over my head to the men. He pulls me closer to him, resting his chin on my head.

"Get your hands off me!" I slap him away standing to my feet.

"Valerie wait!" He pulls me back to him.

"I don't need you guys! I work alone like I said before!" I yank my hand away from his grip struggling to run off down the steps towards the stage.

"Hart!" Addison yells. I ignore her, still running towards the men with pistols. A man spots me, aiming the gun in my direction. I glare at him nodding. I stare deep into his eyes getting in his thought.

"Do it." I speak to him through my mind.

  His index finger pulls the trigger, sending the bullet through my stomach in a matter of seconds. I fall back on the ground staring up at the high ceiling. I try to catch my breath. All I could do was inhale, but I couldn't breathe it out.

"Valerie!" I hear one of the boys shout. My vision becomes blur before I see someone hovering over me. I squint my eyes to get a clear vision of Zayn on top of me.

"Get out of here soldier," I struggle to breathe, "I work alone...."

"No! I'm not leaving you here to die! You need to live!" He picks me up running outside where Liam, Louis, and Georgia were. He rests me against the brick wall calling Liam over.

"Oh my!" Liam bends down to me, placing his hands over the wound on my stomach. I clench my teeth groaning.

"It's okay Hart. You'll be fine in seconds." Liam assures me with a look. I shut my eyes clutching my stomach.

"Louis, we need your help!" Niall runs in grabbing Louis by the arm pulling him inside.

"I should go help." Georgia stands to her feet following behind the boys.

"Liam, you stay here and watch over Hart." Zayn looks back at Liam as he goes in.

 Man, the poor dude was useless to them. I mean, besides from healing wounds. If anything, he'd be considered as a sidekick. I could probably use him as I sidekick if I ever get hurt.

I smile evilly, glaring up at him making eye contact. Let's have a little fun.

 Liam, you are to be by my side and be my servant. If you disobey, consequences follow behind your actions towards me.

 I snap my fingers, snapping him out of being hypnotized. He backs away blinking a couple times rubbing his eyes. He glances around, then stares at me in silence.

"C'mon my servant. We have much to do." I grin standing to my feet as he followed behind me.

"Master Hart, what am I to do first?" I look back at him, tapping my finger on my bottom lip thinking.

"Hm. You are to....heal this wound." I bring my arm out revealing a cut on my elbow. He places his hands over it as it glows, healing my wound.

"Anything else?"

"Well you can't do much Liam." I shrug.

"Well, I can do this." He extends his hand out towards a metal bar staring at it for a while. The bar suddenly flies to his hand as he grasps it. I raise my eyebrows amazed.

"I guess healing isn't your only power." He nods.

"Well since you've shown me your telekinesis, I think you should cover that door up." I point towards the door to the stadium where his friends were. Without hesitation, he quickly moves heavy objects to the door, closing it in.

"Well done, Liam." I smile, rubbing my hands together.

I will definitely enjoy messing with him.


A/N: yeah, I know I said four days, but I had writers block. :P I already have ideas for the next chapter so hopefully I won't be busy and update soon. Love y'all! <3

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